Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not My Canada

As Canadians we have all been tainted by Vancouver's ugly brush.

What happened in the aftermath of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final will have serious legal, financial social and cultural repercussions for many years to come.

To say, it was bad for Canada's brand as a progressive, peace-loving nation is a gross understatement.

I can't speak for Jimmy Kimmel, but "Vancouver" is not my Canada.

A truer reflection of the kind of Canada I know is the story of the Maeng family in Moncton, N.B., where a community rallies to support hard-working immigrants facing a cruel and misguided federal deportation order. The images in this video aren't nearly as graphic and won't inspire any late-night comics, but they do say something about the true fabric of a nation.

The Maeng story may not receive as much global media attention as the Vancouver riots, but from where I sit, Moncton's reaction to an ordinary family's ordeal says a lot more about this country than the actions of any drunken mob. People in Moncton, and all of New Brunswick responded with a tsunami of tweets and Facebook posting, urging political leaders to take the necessary steps to allow the family to stay in Canada.

"Moncton" is the kind of Canada you would find in any community from Yarmouth to Yellowknife; Truro to Toronto; Ottawa to Owen Sound; Saskatoon to Sherbrooke; Edmunston to Edmonton; Winnipeg to Windsor; Bonavista to Burnaby and all points in between.

In a most symbolic and metaphorical way, "Vancouver" is not my Canada.

But, "Moncton" is.

"There are no limits to the majestic future which lies before the mighty expanse of Canada with its virile, aspiring, cultured, and generous-hearted people"


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1 comment:

Cameron Herold said...

What a shame that loose screws believe all the media. :)

The OVER hyped photos & video footage GREATLY exaggerated what actually happened.

100 punks did all the damage - while the 100,000 fans were leaving the areana & outside viewing areas.

Let's talk about all the great things coming out of the city - too easy to jump on the bandwagon. The rest of Canada sure was proud of Vancouver during the Olympics.