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Ultimate Warriors

May 19, 2011.

A Facebook message worth reading tumbles into my inbox.

From my good friend and fellow professional speaking "brother" Martin Latulippe.

The title said it all:

"The Ultimate Teacher is the Eternal Student"

Recognizing the value in what Martin wrote, I immediately called and asked if we could feature it as a TSB Guest Post in advance of Thursday's event in Moncton, N.B. featuring "Chicken Soup for the Soul" legend Jack Canfield.

And it is in that spirit, we invite you to enjoy the thoughts of best-selling author and professional speaker, Martin Latulippe CSP:

On May 26th in Moncton, New Brunswickers will have the fantastic opportunity to hear Jack Canfield, a man recognized as the personal and professional development industry’s number 1 success coach in North America.

As the author of over a hundred bestselling books, Jack Canfield is by far the expert who can best clarify the steps to take to incorporate winning habits into your personal and professional life. As the ultimate success teacher, I feel that what sets him apart from the other professional conference speakers is the fact that he has always remained a student of success.

I still remember my first meeting with Jack Canfield. It was in 2002 and it was the first time I had taken part in the annual conference of the National Speakers Association (NSA), where all the conference speakers, authors, trainers and coaches get together once a year to share experience and knowledge. I remember it as if it were yesterday that this man came and asked me if he could sit next to me.When I looked up my heart stopped.

I had seen this man hundreds of times in books, magazines and Internet conferences. I had read his books, I had seen his conferences and I knew he was a true legend in our industry. It was Jack Canfield in person! He sat next to me and immediately we started talking to each other. To be honest, I was so nervous that it was very hard for me to concentrate. Also back then my English was pretty limited. The only words I really mastered were “yes” “no” “toaster” and “I love to ski-doo!”.So he was the one carrying the conversation and – to my great surprise – he was sincerely interested in my projects and with what I had to say. I found it hard to believe that Jack Canfield could be interested in what I had to say. Shortly after our little discussion, the training session started, he thanked me and I was then able to witness an experience that would strongly influence my career.

There were about a hundred of us in the room listening to the trainer and Jack Canfield was probably the only one taking notes. I don’t mean that he took down a few notes, but rather some fifteen pages of notes throughout the 60-minute session.I couldn’t help but ask myself why a man like this, who had sold over 125 million books, would take so many notes. In the entire room, he was probably the man who least needed to take notes!

So, following the training session, I nervously asked him why he had taken so many notes. He looked at me with a big smile and said, “It is just as difficult to remain a student of success as it is to become a teacher of success! At training sessions, I always strive to listen from the perspective of a student. I like to think that it makes me a better teacher. Too many people participate in these sessions thinking they’ve already heard this or that. I always listen to a session by asking myself the following questions: ‘what has this person said that maybe I’ve forgotten to use in my life? What could I improve in my life with respect to the points the trainer is discussing? What actions should I take after the conference to grow from this session?’ ”

I was totally hypnotized by the beginning of his answer, “it is just as difficult to remain a student of success as it is to become a teacher of success!” I think the same can be said about our daily lives. So many people stop being students of their life, their dreams and their passions. What he’d just summed up in a few words was probably the element that has helped me more than anything else to become an internationally renowned conference speaker and bestselling author.

I must always remain a student of my passions and dreams!It would be hard for me to describe all the lessons for success this man has handed down to me over the years, his bestselling book, The Success Principles, alone holds 64 of them, and they are all small jewels of wisdom. More than just a list of good ideas, Jack has mastered the art of revealing key, unwavering principles that thousands of men and women have always used to become successful. Undoubtedly, the difference between Jack Canfield and other celebrities you may have heard at conferences is that he doesn’t really say what to do to achieve success, but rather he uses a very simplistic approach to teach us how to become successful, which isn’t necessarily easy for everyone.As the great Anthony Robbins said so well: “Jack Canfield’s principles are simple, but the results are extraordinary.”

It’s not every day that we get a chance to see such a talented master of success in our area, so if you don’t have your tickets yet, you can go to www.totalimpact.ca or call 506-878-1544 and give yourself the gift of a day with Jack Canfield. Personally, I'll have the opportunity to share the stage with Jack but most importantly, I will be there taking notes, because a long time ago I learned that it’s just as important to remain a student of life as it is to become a teacher.

MARTIN LATULIPPE, The Potential Awakener

Canfield and Latulippe.

Ultimate students.

Ultimate teachers.

Helping warriors of the light find their way.

"There are essentially two things that will make you wise -- the books you read and the people you meet"

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