Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Business Double-Double

The title of the book says it all.

The author has "been there, done that".

He also happens to have a gift for focusing your thoughts on what is truly important in growing a business as opposed to attending to the brush fires of the merely urgent. In other words, when he shares business advice, you do well to listen.

Cameron Herold is the operational genius behind the rocket-fuelled growth of dozens of companies, including 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, which soared from $2 million to $105 million in revenue over six years. I first met Cameron at a conference in Las Vegas a couple years back and it's no surprise to see this hyper-energetic, business wunderkind hit the book market with such a resounding blast. In "Double Double", Cameron pulls no punches in showing you how to take specific steps to doubling revenues and profits, in 3 years or less.

Starting a business is one thing.

Growing it is another.

But it need not be complicated and this is where Cameron's 200-plus page book has nailed it in terms of presenting refreshingly candid and practical advice. There are loads of first-hand examples that explain a lot of "what to do's" and "how to do it", however the most relevant takeaway might also be the most easily overlooked.

And you will find it in Part 1.

Tempted to skip this step?

Do so at your peril.

Part 1 focuses on what Cameron refers to as the "Painted Picture". Shrug this off and you will remain stuck operating in the weeds of tactics without ever seeing the trees of the strategic forest. The "Painted Picture" is an incredibly powerful tool and if you only implement one thing out of the whole book, this should be it.

Cameron also details specific thoughts and actions to take on reverse engineering goals, the role culture plays in hyper-growth, how to hire for attitudinal and skills fit, as well as marketing on a lean budget through the strategic use of free public relations. If there is a consistent theme throughout, it's one of how much value the author provides in terms of insight and action steps required to double revenues and profits in three years or less.

I have been fortunate enough to have met Cameron and facilitate a workshop with him, so I can confidently say he is one of those business authors and mentors worth paying attention to. With "Double-Double" you can dramatically shorten your entrepreneurial learning curve with more than 20 years of market-tested knowledge, first-hand experience and practical advice.

And my advice right now is to not only buy Cameron's book, but implement what he is writing about.

Starting with a "Painted Picture".

"Without a strong culture there will be no foundation for your company's rapid growth. Culture is tied to all your goals and projects. It is the background of your Painted Picture. Culture trumps process any day"

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