Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Why do I feel like watching Canadian Federal Election advertising is like being assaulted by a Guns N' Roses video?

"Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here everyday ...
You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play"

Chatting with a friend over a Starbucks coffee the other day, the conversation turns to how politics in this country can now be comparted to a blood sport. A steady diet of predictable, old school "attack ads" from all sides only serve to confirm that view. The political machines who sling this sleazy muck are either:

a) Doing this deliberately, knowing it will completely turn off a certain segment of the population and keep them home on election day.


b) They are just blindingly stupid when it comes to knowing how little the attack strategy does to inspire anyone to actually beleive in the process and become part of it.

"Welcome to the jungle we take it day by day ...
If you want it you're gonna bleed but it's the price you pay"

This is Canada's 4th election in the last 7 years.

That works out to an investment of roughly $1.2 billion dollars.

But, the shareholders have grown more and more disenchanted with politicians and bureaucrats who form governments that provide less than adequate return on that investment.

But, the real question is why.

Why are a growing number of Canadians feeling this way?

"In the jungle welcome to the jungle ...
Feel my, my, my, my serpentine"

Perhaps, it has less to do with politicians as individuals and human beings, but more so with a "system" that promotes primal behaviour. But, rather than dwell on everything wrong with "the system", this forum will attempt to take the debate to higher ground, which is what I think most TSB readers would wish the political parties would do. Anything to bring more thought to the discussion rather than the "he said, she said", discourse we have been bombarded with over the last several weeks.

As it turns out, an American, based in the U.K., might have a solution for politics in an animal kingdom such as Canada. C.P.G. Grey offers his thoughts through this video segment on "Alternative Voting".

Alternative Voting, a system that allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference, is currently being to elect members of the Australian House of Representatives, the President of Ireland, the national parliament of Papua New Guinea, and the House of Representatives of Fiji. In Canada, Alternative Voting is how the leaders of the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party elected their leaders.

Is it time to consider Alternative Voting as way to bring the merit of sound ideas back to the political process?

Are there other things Canadians should be talking about to lift the debate out of the media moshpit?

Considering the size of our investment and what's at stake, do you believe there has to be a better way?

"It is difficult to maintain your mental health when you are surrounded by madness”


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