Thursday, January 6, 2011

Genie With the Jewels

The word "genie" is derived from Latin "genius", which means a sort of guardian spirit thought to be assigned to each person at their birth.

In Arabic folklore, genies are supernatural creatures which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind.

According to the Koran, genies are made of smokeless flame or "the fire of a scorching wind", with the ability to change their shape.

But in a secluded, somewhat offbeat yet loving family residence in Los Angeles, "Genie" is the pet name for the man of the house.

He also just happens to be one of the world's foremost authorities on marketing and branding.

On Friday, January 14th, an Atlantic Canadian business audience will get to experience for the first time, the marketing and branding genius of Gene Simmons. The star of A&E's "Family Jewels" is coming to Moncton, NB for what is being billed as the "Atlantic Brand Confabulation", where he intends to kick some serious business ass. Anyone with even with the faintest interest in exploring how marketing and branding really work at the highest levels will want to learn from one of the very best on the planet.

And if you are one of the truly serious, you will also invest time in learning what Gene really has to say (especially around the 11:00 minute mark) about business, branding and life in this revealing interview with his pal George on CBC's, "The Hour".

Gene Simmons is no stranger to The Seamless Brand.

His opinions are often offensive and controversial and we applaud him for that.

Simmons' insights on marketing and branding have been featured in a number of previous posts and his unconventional approach has also been highlighted on Track 28 of "NUTS, BOLTS AND A FEW LOOSE SCREWS", now available on and But, in my experience many business people still fail to recognize how transferable some of the KISS concepts are to creating their own brand of distinction and how it can become king of the nighttime world in a specific category.

The presence of this "Genie" makes the Atlantic Brand Confabulation THE most significant business and branding education event of the year in this part of the world. Gene Simmons has actually “been there, done that”; with over 3,000 licensed products bearing the KISS logo being sold all over the world, generating a steady stream of passive revenue. The branding insights that a Gene Simmons would share could be worth in the tens of thousands if not millions of dollars for the people who are savvy enough to discern the true value of a brand, what it represents in the market place and how it affects the balance sheet.

Well over 90% of any businesses in any category do NOT possess a brand. They may own a logo, website, clever tagline or slogan, but what they really possess is nothing more than a badge of ownership. They do NOT own a brand of distinction that can move anything from condoms to caskets.

Gene Simmons knows the difference between a badge of ownership and a brand of distinction.

But, do you?

Are there marketing jewels you need to discover for your brand in 2011 and beyond?

Even if this genie rubs you the wrong way, do you really give a crap if he can help clear the fog and get your brand pointed in the right direction?

Could this single event be the "fire of scorching wind" you need to lift your brand to one of distinction?

"My mother is probably the wisest person I've ever known. She's not schooled, she's not well read. But she has a philosophy of life that makes well-read people seem like morons"

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