Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Branding With Distinction

The newspaper reporter on the other end of the line asks the question.

"So what exactly is the difference between a badge of ownership and a brand of distinction"?

From my experience, more than 97% of businesses in virtually every product or service category do NOT own a brand. What they really possess with their company name, storefront signage or logo is a badge of ownership.

The difference between the two is loyalty.

"Let me explain it to you this way Eric. Right what kind of computer are you working on?"

"A Dell".

"Perfect. So let's say for example that someone walked in, took your Dell, and as long as all your files were in order replaced it with a Toshiba, Acer, HP or any other number of brands. You really wouldn't care one way or the other, right"?

"You're right".

"But, if someone walks in on an Apple user and they try and replace his Mac with any of the products I just mentioned, they are liable to get a swift kick in the nuts from one pissed off Macfanatic".

A badge of ownership is just a symbol. It does nothing more than distinguish one company's products or services from a competitor across the street or across the web. It is a symbol that never speaks to a person's heart. More often than not, the badge of ownership is a reflection of a business owners lack of imagination, fears, insecurities or ego.

A brand of distinction is a different story altogether.

A brand of distinction rallies a tribe that hungers for its products and services.

A tribe that yearns to purchase ancillary merchandise by the bushel.

And in extreme cases, a tribe that wears the brand like a heart on their sleeve.

Back in 1997, Steve Jobs described much more than what it means to be an Apple customer. What he really talks about here could apply to any brand, determined to carve out a place in the market uniquely its own.

If you are truly serious about learning the secrets of what Apple, Rolex, Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, Oprah, the Running Room, Dove, Nike, LuLu Lemon, BMW, the City of Las Vegas, Perrier, PropertyGuys.com, Geico, Gucci and KISS know about creating brands of distinction, you could not have picked a better week to be in the Greater Moncton area or Atlantic Canada.

For more on the way Eric Lewis of the Moncton Times-Transcript portrayed the Atlantic Brand Confabulation and the rest of our conversation, click here.


"I want to put a ding in the universe"

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