Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Worlds Outside Your Window

Isn't it funny how life can change in an instant?

And change not only your world, but the one outside your window as well?

That's what happened to Robert.

Sitting at home one night, on a comfy couch watching the telly, Robert is suddenly glued by a news report from a foreign country.

Watching in disbelief, Robert becomes emotional.

Before long, he is unglued by what he is witnessing on his window to the world.

The Michael Buerk story that aired on the BBC in 1984 was the moment Robert decided he couldn't stomach what he saw. He decided right then and there to take action.

He started with a phone call to his pal Midge. Soon, other calls are placed to people like Phil, Paul, George and Gordon.

A studio steps up and donates 24 hours of recording time.

The rest is history.

It is the #1 Christmas Rock Song ever recorded.

"Do They Know Its Christmas?" was released on November 29, 1984, and shot straight to No. 1 on the UK singles chart, outselling all other records on the chart put together. It became the fastest- selling single of all time in the UK, and helped direct millions of relief dollars to people in desperate need of help. But, more than anything, it showed yet again, how a single person can make a difference when they decide enough is enough.

Twenty-five years later, Bob Geldof visits Ethiopia and notes education enrolment has doubled, malaria death rates halved and HIV/AIDS is on the decline. He adds wtoo many people still rely on aid, but food shortages are happening less and less as distribution and early warning systems have improved.

Bob Geldof opened a window and saw something he didn't like.

And then did something about it.

Is there a world before you - even in your own home town - that is worth taking a look at? It might involve volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating used toys to the Salvation Army or just looking the panhandler in the eye when you slip him the $20 he doesn't expect and wish him a Merry Christmas.

Can you open your window a crack and see what Bob saw?

You might discover you don't need to be a famous rock star to be a real hero this Christmas.

"Music is something I must do, business is something I need to do, and Africa is something I have to do"

p.s. ... This is the final TSB post for 2010. A short holiday break begins tomorrow and our practice of posting new material every Tuesday and Thursday resumes on January 4th, 2011. Until then, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas season and as my good friends Tom Young and Jeremy Demont would say, "the very best" in the New Year.

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ElderGEEK said...

As usual, GREAT post Gair! Merry Christmas to you and yours.... All the best for 2011.... AND to all your readers as well.... Ho Ho Ho