Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real Heroes

Real heroes don't leap from tall buildings.

Or move faster than speeding locomotives.

Now, more than ever, real heroes are just doing the right thing.


And this is the time of year when real heroes step forward, go out of their way and do the right thing for those in need.


Nothing against the more public Christmas giving campaigns being blasted through social media (since they meet many legitimate needs), but there is also something to be said for wanting to lend a hand to those who are struggling this time of year. And offer that support without drawing a lot of attention to ones self.

The last thing you or anyone needs is another guilt trip to squeeze one more thing out of you and your family. But, I find it increasingly difficult to sit by and do nothing when I come across real life hardship that you can help alleviate.

There is a family I am aware of that has a lot of kids. To reveal the exact number could jeopardize their privacy and perhaps tear away yet another piece of their already diminished dignity. Let's just say you could almost field a complete softball team with mom, dad and the number of kids in that home. More judgemental types will be quick to point out "If they made the choice to have that many kids, they have to live with that choice". It's a simple and convenient answer but does nothing to address the real issue facing this particular family this particular holiday season.

The real issue in this story, is not charity.

The real issue is hope.

The mother in this case is doing everything she knows under the sun, moon and stars to try and break the poverty cycle. She is re-educating herself, taking odd jobs and making a real effort but, sometimes it gets to the point where it becomes impossible to survive the day to day. Add Christmas to the mix ... and the pressure builds and builds until there is no hope left. She is also the type of person who NEVER asks for help. Not EVER. And for the record, she knows nothing about this blog post and the efforts already underway on her behalf.

This is where you and I enter the picture.

Because this mom won't ask for help, we have to be the ones who give it.

Unless, you and I do something, this family will not have a Christmas this year, but more importantly will continue to lose what little hope they have. Circumstances dictate they don't qualify for certain levels of social assistance, nor will they benefit from any toy drives. They will be the silent ones who slip through the cracks, unless we (who are already maxed out - I get that) do something remarkable, but in a mild-mannered Clark Kent type of way.


Just as despair comes to us only from other human beings, hope, too, is something that only humans can give to one another. And I am hoping this family learns that you can lose everything or have nothing, but as long as you have hope, you still have something.

Can you think of a better gift for a deserving family this Christmas?

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible"

P.S... If you would like to help with this project, e-mail me at gmaxwell@seamlessbrand.com for further details on how gift cards or other donations can be dropped off. I am working with a small group that is trying hard to keep as much of this under the radar as possible, which as you know is no small task in a Facebook world.

P.P.S ... If you need a hope-filled story to add even more perspective to this story, a friend sent this my way recently with the intention of making me understand what is truly important.

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