Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Dream and a MAGNIFiER

A little more than two years ago, Mike and Marcel were on their way to a Steve Earle concert.

Somewhere along that copperhead road, they were driving as guys do, shooting the shit about careers, partying and women when the conversation suddenly turned serious. Mike and Marcel put the topics of booze and babes aside for a few minutes and started to focus in on their shared goals and dreams. And as they started to close in on the guitar town they were headed to, decided, "Hey why don't we make a movie?".

And that's how Mike the writer and Marcel the director/camera guy began a series of adventures that has transported them already to some pretty incredible places.

Just recently, a major network has decided to buy their little movie and they are now in negotiations to turn this project into an ongoing television series. Tonight, they will showcase "MAGNIFiER" for hundreds of their closest friends at a premiere being held at Empire Theatres on Trinity in Moncton, NB, where they will also share their story of how they spent thousands of hours plus $20,000 of their own money to follow a dream.

A dream set in 1969, when a 12-year old boy discovers a telescope that can see into infinity.

Nothing has ever been the same for Mike and Marcel.

Not since they started to dream.

And do.

"Someday I'm finally gonna let go 'cause I know there's a better way, and I wanna know what's over that rainbow...I'm gonna get out of here someday..."

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