Thursday, November 25, 2010

Planes, Trains and Patdowns

OK, I can't help it.

All this talk in the news media about increased security in U.S. airports this week has me reflecting in a strange sort of way.

Full body scans, patdowns and viral video threats of customer boycotts are a far cry from what we typically think of during the U.S. Thanksgiving, which celebrates the Pilgrim settlers' first successful harvest in 1621 shared with American Indians.

But, for some of us, the true spirit of Thanksgiving will always shine through the 1987 exploits of Neal Page and Del Griffith - a couple of road-weary characters played by Steve Martin and the late, John Candy.

Page, a high-strung advertising executive and Griffith, an accident-prone shower curtain ring salesman, endured many ups and downs in their Thanksgiving travels. Page, in particular, discovered that you don't always find helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff on the customer service front lines.

But, hey, don't let the F-bombs fool ya ...

We're just messin' around today ...

Happy Thanksgiving America!

“I love Thanksgiving turkey. It’s the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts”

p.s...For many Americans, Thanksgiving without football is as unthinkable as the Fourth of July without fireworks. This "pass the pigskin" traditions began in 1934 when NBC Radio broadcast the first national Thanksgiving Day when the Detroit Lions hosted the Chicago Bears. And, except for a World War II timeout, the Lions have played - usually badly - every Thanksgiving Day since. This year, the Lions host another team with a bit of a Thanksgiving theme - the New England Patriots. Later today, the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints visit the Dallas Cowboys while the New York Jets play host to the Cincinnati Bengals in the evening match up.

One of the greatest social commentators of the 20th century, once made some interesting observations about football and how it compares to America's past time.

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