Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Open Mike

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

This post has been on my mind for some time now.

I am treading on what some might consider thin ice, but if you absorbed last Thursday's post about "Gospel or Guts", this is one of those time when you gotta walk your own talk.

Typically, I avoid the potentially touchy subject of politics in this corner, but not today. The recent New Brunswick provincial election concerns me greatly for the utter lack of imagination, substance or soul that both parties and their spin-hungry leaders displayed. But, rather than beat that nag to death, there is some good news ahead for, provided New Brunswickers can weather the storm of another, fundamentally inept, one-term government.

The ignimonious defeat of the Shawn Graham government and his impending departure as Liberal leader, paves the way for Mike's return to political life. As someone who has known him for 20 years or more, I am hoping for the sake of an entire province, this is the road he chooses. Just for the record, I am not a card-carrying Liberal (or Tory), and nor do I own a marketing firm that stands to make millions from potential government contracts. But, I do think New Brunswick needs the right guy in charge and not since Frank McKenna, has there been one, standing on the political horizon.

The Mike I know is an open book, an ideal leadership candidate for the brave new world of the 21st century Digital Economy. Mike is one of the few who actually "gets it" in terms of where social media is headed and how government institutions need to change dramatically in order to keep up with the rest of the world. He also happens to be kind of guy who can envision what New Brunswick can be, like he did while in Opposition, promoting Moncton as a potential CFL city. (I was there at lunch that day when he thought of the idea.)

Forget, for a moment, about his stellar track record in the private sector and as a cabinet minister. The Mike I know is also one of the few men who is truly best friends with his wife. Mike is not one of those guys who will display one face when Moira is in the room and another one altogether when she is not present. They run marathons together, have raised five kids together and through the ups and downs of political life; have always kept it real.

Like him or not, the Mike I know is never afraid to take sides on an issue, and do the right thing even if it means pissing off those who crave the cocoon of the status quo. And whether it's spending time at the barn with his horses on a Saturday morning or enjoying the odd rum and coke on a Friday night, the Mike I know has never lost touch with how real people think and what they want for their friends and families.

If Frank McKenna is considered to be the best Prime Minister Canada never had, then you will understand why this post can be considered as an open letter to Mike Murphy and his supporters. A way to send a message that this is the guy New Brunswick will need as Premier four years from now.

Because I have absolute faith that the Mike Murphy I know, is someone you would feel comfortable knowing as well.

"Real power doesn't come from elected office, but from inside yourself"

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1 comment:

Ian Varty said...

Gair...I like your post but I don't think our newly elected government should be dismissed before they shift into first gear.

Would you damn a business owner before their door was open, having never been inside?

Like you I have no political affiliation. I carry no cards. I have nothing to gain professionally. That said, I hope that our new government does 'the right thing' on a number of issues. Our provincial debt is front and centre in my mind, because everything else relates to it.

Let's give the new government a chance. Let's try to work with them, because we put them there. Let's see what we can do together.