Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DreamDay 7

What is it you dream about most?

Running a marathon?

Landing that perfect job?

Having children?

Going back to school?

Writing a best-seller?

Falling blissfully and crazily, head over heels in love?

Being financially free?

Jetting off to Europe and taking in the Parisian lights or roaming the Tuscan olive groves?

Whatever it is that you dream about most, there are no fewer than 7 things that MUST happen for those dreams to materialize. "DreamDay 7" is the title of the keynote I have been invited to deliver on Saturday, October 30th in Moncton, NB at the first-ever Atlantic Dream Festival and I don't know if I have ever looked more forward to a delivering a presentation like this one. Years of careful study, observation and first-hand experience have revealed these 7 fundamentals exist in every dreamer who becomes an achiever and this weekend marks the first time I have been able to share these insights in a public forum.

You may not be aware, but people like Richard Branson and Brad LeBlanc have shared parallel journeys when it comes to achieving their dreams. Believe it or not, the founder of the Virgin Group of more than 360 companies and the 22-year redhead from Riverview who launched the Atlantic Dream Festival by bringing Sir Richard to Moncton, have actually travelled identical dream paths. And so has anyone else who has seen their dreams come to fruition. Beginning on Thursday, the ADF will provide you with rare, first-hand insight from "been there, done that" folks into how you can turn your dreams into reality. "DreamDay 7", scheduled for Saturday at high noon, simply outlines the process; which is actually quite simple once you break it down into manageable pieces.

In fact, Branson himself reveals a few of the "DreamDay 7" fundamentals in this conversation several years back with Harry Smith.

Sir Richard Branson is an extreme example of what happens when "DreamDay 7" fundamentals are applied day in, day out as the British billionaire continues to make a difference on the planet. The first of these 7 fundamentals is "Permission to Hope" because once you make a choice to hope, any dream is possible ... but no dream is possible without hope.

Here is hoping you get to take in all the ADF has to offer.

So that your dreams come true.

"You never know with these things when you're trying something new what can happen. This is all experimental"

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Anonymous said...

I love what his first business idea demonstrated - foresight and patience: planting Christmas trees at the age of nine, for harvesting nine years later.

Great post Gair - all the best this weekend - knock 'em dead :)

Hill said...

Great and simple post you shared. Dreamday has such a mythology about it, but it really is just making a common sense! Thanks for pointing that in your post.

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