Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Turning Back

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

You are standing on the edge of a serious life cliff.

Like, real serious.

Trying to decide whether you should leave a marriage or a career; buy a house, start a new business, have children, or whatever else that involves taking a bigger risk than deciding on which movie to rent tonight after entering your fast-food drive-through of choice.

Whether you leap from that cliff on your own or get pushed off, the feeling is still the same as you hurtle towards the jagged rocks that lie on the angry shores below. But this terrifying, soul-searing experience is precisely what needs to happen in order for any substantial growth to occur. In order for you to become more than who you are right now, this descent into emotional hell and how you survive it, is what separates you from those who merely wish for something better.

Logically you know that life's greatest rewards are only handed to those who can stomach great risk, but the value you place in logic, facts and reason melts away faster than a politicians promise when this shit is actually going down and its happening to you.

If you or I were sailing off that cliff today only one thing would see us through. Although usage of this particular "F-word" is often thought of in a religious context, my experience shows that faith is much less about what you find in a church and more about what you find in yourself. In matters of faith, there will always be enough answers for those who truly believe in themselves and enough doubts for those who don't.

When there is no turning back from that cliff, the level of faith in yourself will be tested like never before.

And that's how we find out what we're truly made of.

P.S.... Out of the hundreds of books I have digested over the past decade or so, few have shed as much wisdom on this subject than Paulo Coelho's masterpiece, "The Alchemist".

P.P.S. ... I would be very interested to know what words of wisdom you have for anyone who is diving off that cliff today.

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Hubcitysmitty said...

My advice, from someone who has jumped of the cliff is this. Believe in yourself and take your thoughts & feelings seriously. They will guide you on your journey. Most importantly, be courageous when you find yourself teetering on the edge of the cliff JUMP!

Angie said...

Live uprightly and faith will come without force......
Hab. 2:4

Mike said...

I would say that your life experience to this point has prepared you for the jump. If you take the time to briefly reflect on the skills, knowledge and attitudes you've aquired to this point (not to mention any natural talents), you have everything within you to succeed. I guess this is what believing in yourself is all about. Jumping gets you out of the comfort zone and in to the stretch zone and this is where great learning happens. John Wooden once said "When opportunity presents itself, it is too late to prepare." People are ready to jump because experience has prepared them for the opportunity. They simply need some courage, faith, passion, integrity, and values and they will land on their feet.

kree8 said...

Great article.

Totally agree with 'Mike' however...

My belief is that 'faith' boils down to self-worth. If you lack faith- you will doubt that you will land safely or if you DO land safely- you will lack the tools to live out that change.

We fail to realize that the complaining and dissatisfaction of our life experience brings us to the edge of the cliff (of change). And YES, like Mike says- you ARE ready to jump BUT if you lack faith/self-worth... then you will doubt and you will rationalize NOT jumping to the point of convincing yourself that 'its not THAT bad'... until next week- when you're back at the edge of the same cliff.

The good thing is that the 'universe' is conscious and if it really needs you to change for the sake of humankind, it will push you over the cliff whether you have faith or not

Sterling Keays said...

This from someone who just jumped. I have just signed the papers to purchase new equipment for my business. This is the largest investment that I have ever made in my life. I can tell you now that I have no intention of hitting the bottom. The scariest part for me at the moment is making sure all of the support that I need to do to make this equipment profitable is done correctly. I will let you know when I reach the other side.