Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gospel or Guts?

Imagine attending a race where there is nobody to cheer for.

Nobody willing to pour their guts out in an effort to cross the finish line.

Nobody ready to lay it ALL out .. and then some.

That's what the recent provincial election in New Brunswick felt like as neither party or its leaders had much to say in the way of substance or soul during a lacklustre, uninspired campaign.

Cliche-ridden political spin and childish back-and-forth insults have long since fallen on deaf ears. However, neither of the mainstream parties seem to realize how irrelevant, hackneyed, soundbite sermons are coming across these days to an increasingly intelligent, sophisticated and cynical electorate.

More and more voters are feeling like Sam Phillips of Sun Records the day Johnny Cash walked in for an audition and sang the same old gospel shit everyone else was singing. What voters of the 21st century really want is someone who will start to speak and take action with intestinal fortitude, willing to admit that this culture of political correctness and platitude's is stifling imagination and ultimately crippling the democratic process.

If you're in Canada, forget being red or blue for a minute.

If you're in the U.S., forget being a Republican or a Democrat.

How many voters would be willing to believe in a politician - or any boss for that matter - who could learn from the "Man in Black" and sing a song he or she actually believes in?

Many people I talk to are fed up with being subjected to same-old, same old political campaigns, pie-in-the-sky bullshit company mission statements, or dealing with corporate ass-kissers who possess the courage of a church mouse. It's become increasingly difficult to digest biz-speak bromides, that reek with the mouldy cheese of the "protect-my-turf" mindset of the status quo.
It's enough to make someone scream ... CUT THE CRAP ALREADY!

The person you most want to reach - on-line or off - is dying to hear someone say or do something real. Something that matters.

Your choice is clear.

Keep humming oh-so quaint gospel tunes that have long since been tuned out.

Or start singing with some gravel in your guts.

And some spit in your eye.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else" JUDY GARLAND

P.S. ... When it comes to "being real", Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is one of the few in political power who actually "gets it". But then again, Danny is also one of the few politicians who actually accomplished something in the real world before giving public service a try.

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Alan Weatherley said...

I wish that today's Seamless Brand blog would be printed on the front page of all New Brunswick newspapers. Actually, it should be in the Globe and Mail as well. It wouldn't hurt if it made it into all the U.S. papers as well.

Nicely said, Gair.


Hey Gair. Johhnie actually returned to the Gospel shit in the end after he tried to live for everyone else and 'carve' his own path. Johhnie came back home when he found out what home really was... Stop and listen is what I get from the legacy of Mr Cash.