Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goal of the Century

Three events that helped shape a nation.

The Canadian Corps storming German trenches at Vimy Ridge, 1917.

Canadian troops piercing Hitler's Atlantik Wall at Juno Beach, 1944.

And 38 years ago today, Team Canada rallying from a 3-game deficit to beat the Soviet National Team in Moscow, 1972.

These events, perhaps more than any other, helped define what it meant to be Canadian in the 20th century. Memorable, turning point battles from the 1st and 2nd World Wars and a pivotal hockey game played on September 28, 1972 at the Luzhniki Ice Palace during the height of the Cold War.

He had no way of knowing it back then, but his goal with 34 seconds left in Game Eight, would forever change the way Paul Henderson lived life. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of adulation, Paul and his wife Eleanor became active in Christian ministries and Henderson took to the speaking circuit to share his insights inspired by the "Goal of the Century".

Earlier this summer, Henderson's legendary 1972 hockey sweater fetched over $1 million dollars, the most ever paid at auction for a piece of hockey memorabilia.

The winning bid of $1,067,538 US, was submitted by Mitchell Goldhar, the owner of a private real-estate development company based in Vaughan, Ont. He plans to make arrangements for the jersey to be displayed across Canada at locations such as museums, including the Hockey Hall of Fame, to ensure as many Canadians as possible can see it.

After the ‘72 series, Henderson gave the jersey to Team Canada's trainer Joe Sgro as a gift, and Sgro later sold it. It most recently belonged to an unidentified private American collector. The sweater's previous owner is a cancer survivor and plans to donate some of the proceeds of the sale to charity.

"Henderson makes a wild stab for it and fell..." ..."Here's another shot..."
"Right in front..."... "Henderson has scored for Canada!!!"

FOSTER HEWITT, September 28, 1972

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