Friday, August 6, 2010

Motorvationally Speaking: "Capital Expresser"

Dave's name and voice is synonymous with sports in his city.

An award-winning broadcaster, he is part of the unique fabric known as "Fredericton" ever since his days behind the microphone calling play-by-play on 550 CFNB.

When the American Hockey League came to town with the Fredericton Express in the early 1980's, Dave was one of the key factors that put Fredericton on the professional hockey map and in the hearts of Capital City hockey fans.

Today on TSB, we get up close and personal with the "Foster Hewitt of Fredericton" ... now with UNB Athletics ... Dave Morrell!

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"It turned out to be more than just a hockey series. A lot of pride came into play - pride in yourself, pride in your team, pride in your country"

Originally posted January 13, 2010

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