Friday, August 27, 2010

Majumder by the Numbers

Is this a case of being cryptically clairvoyant - Canadian style?

Having a penchant for puckology prognostication?

"This Hour Has 22 Minutes" star Shaun Majumder may well have established himself as the undisputed Shaman of Shinny with an eerily accurate forecast at a pre-Olympic press conference. Taking number-crunching to an entirely new level, Majumder was not only balls-on right, but he also managed to upstage none other than Canada's #1 hockey hero - Sidney Crosby.

For the record, since this blog has been posted on March 26th, all one has to do is stare plain facts in the face and do the math.

Since March is the third month, look what happens when you add the number three to the number 26.

You wind up with 29.

Take the 29 and multiply it by three - the universally accepted number representing energy - and what do you come up with?


Is this just mere coincidence?

Or the sign of yet another Olmpian-level omen perhaps?

Are you as speechless as Sid the Kid right now?

"In my small hometown of Burlington,Newfoundland, you could put together five or six comedy groups.All you have to say is 'okay, siddown b'ys, an' we're gonna write some skitches,' and they would do it. Sometimes I think about what I'm doing now, and I'm doing the exact same thing I did when I was five years old. And they want to pay me for it. It's just make believe and being silly, but I think people forget how to be silly because of adulthood. When you do that, you're just robbing yourself of all that fun"

Originally posted March 26, 2010

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