Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Brand That Walked Around the World

What would it take for you to watch a six-minute commercial?

By choice?

Would it help to know that it tells the story - in one take - of how a humble Scottish farmer became an international brand?

This piece rides the wave of the hottest trend in brand marketing right now. Brands -big and small - are bypassing traditional media, creating their own platforms.

The smart brands have it figured out.

THEY are becoming the media.

Instead of being gouged by marketers or media outlets for glossy magazine ads or 30-second TV spots, smart brands go direct, sharing their story mainstream - for free. In effect, brands are competing with the traditional outlets they used to pay for their advertising needs.

So you might want to sit back and reflect how this trend applies to your business as actor Robert Carlyle regales us with a fascinating story of one of the world's most iconic beverages - in one impressive single take.

The video is a wee bit on the long side, but well worth drinking it in.

Each day, more people are sidestepping newspapers, radio and television, accessing news and information from multiple sources - Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube etc.

Can you picture how this is a perfect environment for any brand serious about stepping in and becoming a trusted source? Is there a way you could leverage these conditions and become a leader in educating customers on your history/cause/expertise instead of pitching products or services?

Here's the final whisky shot: When a company or brand becomes the media - and has a compelling saga to share - it speaks directly to customers in a way that leads to increased awareness and sales.

What is your brand doing in 2010 to become its own media?

“The take that you have seen is the very last take we did at 8pm on the last day of the shoot. Take #40. The tension as we watched Robert do this take was unbelievable. It was such a good take at every stage and so the longer it went on without any fluffs the greater the pressure grew for nothing to go wrong. When he got to the end and I got to call cut there was this huge roar and applause from the crew and agency and I knew we had it.”
JAMIE RAFN, Director

Originally posted January 12, 2010

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