Monday, July 26, 2010

Where There is a Will

"There is no such word as can't"
JEAN MAXWELL (1937-1998)

Each day, you carry a dream within you.

Each day, there are symbols, signs and omens reminding you of that dream.

Each day, you make decisions to either follow that dream.

Or avoid your destiny.

For TSB readers in at least 74 countries, that decision often hinges on whether to hit the button marked "DELETE" or listen to the voice of intuition.

And follow a post such as this one.

Just to see if it speaks to what you have been dreaming about.

This mornings post was inspired by nothing more than taking time to be still enough to notice an omen that appeared over the weekend. Another hour or so of "research" through the magic of Google and we arrive at this precise place in time.

When it's time to press the button marked "PUBLISH POST" and see where this leads.

Outside the TSB offices on Sunshine, the sky is turning tangerine orange.

Another omen, perhaps?

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”

Originally posted November 9, 2009

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