Friday, July 23, 2010

Go For Soda

"We sow our thoughts and reap our actions. We sow our actions and reap our habits. We sow our habits and reap our character. We sow our character, and we reap our destiny"

John loves soda pop.

REEEAAALLY loves soda pop.

John Nese has dedicated his life to soda.

And has the courage to live it out loud.

You might call him the "Sultan of Soda".

Or the "Crown Prince of Pop".

The owner of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles sells more than 500 varieties of these bubbly beverages. He has been described as "obsessive" about his his customers - and his suppliers. So much so, this connoisseur of carbonated beverages deliberately avoids big name brands like Pepsi. Instead, John seeks out smaller producers with unique, high-quality products. He figures why not support other small businesses such as his own?

It might be worth your while to invest time with John and see how many of his ideas on business could be applied to your brand.

Galco's began as a small Italian grocery store in Los Angeles,over a century ago, defying the odds as a family owned and operated business. John's passion for soda began when, as a child in the 50's, he would visit a soda pop bottling plant owned by his father's best friend.

John's story has been featured on PBS, the Food Channel, the Tokyo Times, the BBC, CBC and his hometown Los Angeles Times, among others.

But in some ways, John's "story" is similar to yours.

When we were young, we all had a clear idea of what we wanted to be and do when we grew up. But somewhere along the way, those dreams were buried under an avalanche of reality and practicality. The focus shifted from 'living the dream' to 'finding a good job with a stable income.

What's different about people like John Nese is that they show us another way. They becoming living, breathing examples of how to follow a career path marked by passion - without becoming an economic slave.

It's a simple choice.

You have the option of trading in your dreams and destiny in exchange for a life of comfort and conformity.

You know the choice John made.

What about you?

"It' in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped"

p.s. ... Just can't resist throwing this in. Might as well.

Originally posted November 10, 2009

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