Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The "Braduate" of Business

"Work should be fun. If its not you're doing the wrong type of work!"

Brad got the entrepreneurial spark at the age of ten.

By eleven, he was dreaming big.

Because he was the kind of kid who wanted to have what he wanted when he wanted it, Brad realized it took money to do that. His first job was at a restaurant near his parents summer cottage in Caissie Cape, NB. Patrons had no idea that a ten-year old was back in the sweatshop of a kitchen, cooking up fries and chicken wings; baking pizzas and preparing nachos.

The summer of '99 is when Brad experienced his first revelation in business:

"I realized then and there that I would be working far too hard, making somebody else rich. And that's when I decided a life of minimum wage stress was not the path I was ever going to follow".

Knowing he much preferred music and entertaining people, Brad opened his first business at the age of 11. With a single karaoke machine and a dozen CD's for inventory Brad was in business with a paid gig at the Riverview Kinsmen Club for 20 dollars.

More than 600 clients, three attempted businesses and two car accidents later, this Moncton-based mogul currently owns three companies; an entertainment and promotions business, a weekend flea market and a consulting group.

The 21-year old son of a federal bureaucrat and a bank teller, his type of "Bradittude" has been on the radar of mainstream media for the past couple of years as he works toward his goal of becoming a millionaire before the age of 30.

Wearing a power suit right out of "The Apprentice", Brad sips on a latte while explaining his entrepreneurial success at such an early age. For example, he recalls learning a lot more outside the classroom than in it at the Bachelor of Commerce program at St. Mary's University. In the midst of completing his thesis for the SMU Diploma in Management Program, (the youngest to do so in university history) this business "Braduate" has found the "real world" school of entrepreneurship has been of much more value.

"You've got to pay attention to what you're pretending not to notice".

OK Brad, what do you mean by that?

"As humans we like to deflect the stuff we don't want to do. We pretend not to notice the things that create stress or unpleasant or things we would rather not do or face. If we can learn to pay attention to those things, take them on and get them done, there is nothing we can't do. There is no limit to what we can accomplish".

Brad is taking his own words seriously.

On June 24, 2010, he unveiled plans for the Atlantic Dream Fesitval, highlighted by a keynote from one of the world's great entrepreneurs, Richard Branson. The billionaire creator of the Virgin brand and owner of more than 360 companies, Branson will be the main drawing card at the festival, slated to run from Oct. 28-31 at the Moncton Coliseum Complex.

Brad has admitted to calling Branson's office every day for four months to convince him to say "yes" to attending the Atlantic Dream Festival. Besides Branson, other speakers include former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna, venture capitalist and TV host Kevin O'Leary, Olympian Clara Hughes, former Canadian Idol judge Farley Flex, bestselling author and inspirational speaker Martin Latulippe, and Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and Rich author Richard St. John among others. The event will have two distinct elements - the ticketed speaking event and the dream show, expected to attract 15,000 spectators and more than 200 exhibitors.

The organizing, planning and delivery of the Atlantic Dream Festival is a tall order for anyone, but Brad has been taking care of business with the short orders since he was ten. Since announcing the Atlantic Dream Festival, Brad's phone has been ringing off the hook for tickets, but a 24-hour pre-sale is being launched this week for those eager to land good seats before the general public. To obtain pre-sale tickets, visit and complete the form. A code will be e-mailed to purchase tickets through the Greater Moncton ticketing network.

And if you want to plug into what goes on inside the mind of a real-life business "Braduate", you can follow Brad at

"I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big"

Originally posted September 16, 2009

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