Monday, May 17, 2010

Living with Inspiration

Have you ever experienced a moment when you would love nothing more than to be able to find the right words to re-inspire a struggling friend?

You have good intent and compassion on your side, but you lack the words. At least not the exact words your friend needs to hear at that precise moment in time.

Or perhaps, it is you who needs a fresh injection of inspirational words, fuelled by high octane human energy to get your motor back up and running.

TSB is hoping today's post serves like a shovel that you can use to start digging and unearth a treasure chest of words you or your friend have to hear whenever the need is great and the time is right.

Finding this clip on YouTube made me reflect on some of the best inspirational speeches of all time. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream", the opening monologue from "Patton" and various scenes from "Remember the Titans", "Jerry Maguire" and "Braveheart" all merit consideration. But, out of the hundreds to choose from, here are ones that standout as we countdown the TSB "Top 5 Inspirational Speeches".

#5. Rocky Balboa explains to his son what it means to be your own person.

#4. Coach Carter learns how his high school basketball players confront our deepest fear.

#3. Al Pacino passionately explains the essence of teamwork.

#2. A calm, but defiant Winston Churchill delivers the ultimate "fuck you" to Adolf Hitler as a beleaguered island nation forges ironclad determination with steely resolve.

The Number One position on the TSB "Top 5 Inspirational Speeches" list is there for a number of reasons, primarily because of the way it resonates on an intensely personal level. As a young boy I was told repeatedly by a person who truly loved me with her entire heart and soul, "There is no such word as can't". She responded with those exact words when I came home from my Grade 5 class one day and announced my dream of becoming the future Prime Minister of Canada. Next week, I would have told her about my future career, playing in the NHL with the Chicago BlackHawks and her response was the same, "There is no such word as can't". What she was really saying was that if you wanted something badly enough, there was no reason in the world to believe you couldn't do it. And in sharing those words, she made a young boy believe in dreams, believe in himself and that yes, all things were possible. In her mind, dreams were something worth protecting.

In my late teens, the dreams began to focus on becoming a radio and TV personality, and she encouraged me again ... "There is no such word as can't". Those dreams did come true and no one was prouder of my 20-year broadcasting career than my Number One cheerleader. But, it was only after I reached the age of 40, that I realized not everyone else was fortunate in the way I was to hear those words at such an early age from a mother who loved reading to me from inspirational classics like "The Little Engine That Could".

Mom has been gone for about a dozen years now, but her spirit lives on in those words and how they serve to protect our dreams and the dreams of those closest to us. This is the clip that says it all.

#1. Will Smith show his boy what life is really all about.

Inspirational speeches, sayings and quotes all share one thing in common.

They contain powerful energy bundles in the form of words offering us hope of a better future. In doing so, these words tap into our deepest yearnings and make our dreams seem both realistic and reachable.

They remind us, yet again, of all the good already within us and infuse us with renewed belief that yes, our dreams and the dreams of those we love, are worth protecting.


No matter what.

"There is no such word as can't"
JEAN MAXWELL (1937-1998)

P.S. ... Mom would have been overjoyed to know her wisdom has found its way into a forum such as this. I have no doubt she is, at this moment, enjoying a celebratory glass of wine from a box while telling St. Peter a few things about how to improve the place. She would also be telling Martin Luther King, JFK and all the other big shots that 5-year old Joshua Sacco reminds her a lot about her boy at a similar age.

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BoMoh said...

Love those speeches. Only unfortunate bit is that those people were going off to war, or to earn money to raise their kids out of poverty, or to win championship sport games. As far as it goes for inspiration to go to work and NOT look at twitter all day...well, you can see how that turned out. Just serves to remind me how un-awesome my life is. Unintended effect ftw.