Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John's Journey

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
LAO-TZU 604 BC - 531 BC)

John's journey began with a three-kilometer fun run with his two boys in 1981.

At the time, John was an out-of-shape, overweight, two-pack a day guy who realized one day something had to change and that something had to be him. He began running secretly before the sun came up since he didn't want his neighbours to see “this chubby little guy” who could only run from one lamp post to another before having to slow down again and walk. John was, at that moment, one of those streetlight people, living just to find emotion, hiding somewhere in the night.

But he didn't stop believing.

In 1984 John opened a store and meeting place for runners in an 8x10 foot room of an old house shared with a hairdressing shop in Edmonton. Twenty years later, the Running Room is one of North America’s most recognized brands with over 100 stores in Canada and the U.S.

Ask John how he did it, and he will look you in the eye and tell you most humbly and sincerely that it was all done with people. "Anyone can dream up the idea, but it takes surrounding yourself with great people to actually make the idea come to life", explained John who was in Halifax this past weekend for the annual Bluenose Marathon.

By the same token, John Stanton has run more than 60 marathons, hundreds of road races and numerous triathlons, been named to the Order of Canada and become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle because he recognized the value in starting where he was at. In other words, it takes about twenty years to become the kind of overnight success that sees you become a six-time best-selling author and the "face" of an entire movement that has inspired hundreds of thousands of Canadians do everything, from learning to run to completing marathons - and feeling great about themselves.

Thousands of people John will never meet face-to-face have lost weight, improved their health and fitness levels and truly changed their lives as a result of one man determined to be the change he wanted to see.

And it all began with that first step.

"Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues. Oh, the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on"

P.S... Last month, John Stanton released a new, updated version of his bestselling book, "Running: The Complete Guide to Building Your Running Program". This update includes new information about running gear, clothes, shoes and GPS technology to monitor speed, distance and pace, as well as exercises to improve core strength. It also includes sections on nutrition, women’s running, injuries and many other aspects of the sport.



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Laura Booker said...

As I train for my first marathon with my 67 year old Dad, I have to say I admire anyone who will run that far for fun!! :) Thanks for the post Gair.