Thursday, March 18, 2010

Motorvationally Speaking: "Lyfe of Ryley"

Have you ever wondered what it means exactly to live the "Life of Riley"?

According to our research, the phrase can be roughly translated to mean an easy and pleasant life. It may have originated in the Irish/American community in 1911 with a piece from a Connecticut newspaper. The headline in The Hartford Courant read:


In the article, it was explained how, "The famous wild cow of Cromwell is no more. After "living the life of Riley" for over a year, successfully evading the pitchforks and the bullets of the farmers, whose fields she ravaged in all four seasons".

The phrase was also employed by Irish soldiery in World War I. A letter home from a Private Walter J. Kennedy, published in the Syracuse Herald in 1918, articulated what it was like to be stationed at Camp Dix, New Jersey. "This is surely one great life." writes Kennedy. "We call it the life of Riley. We are having fine eats, are in a great detachment and the experience one gets is fine."

The "Life of Riley" was also a popular American radio drama from the 1940s that was adapted into a 1949 feature film, a long-run 1950s television series (originally with Jackie Gleason as Reilly) and a 1958 Dell comic book.

Who Riley (or Reilly, or Reiley) was isn't clear. In all likelihood, the name represents a generic Irishman, much as Paddy is used now.

But in Fredericton, NB, there is a "Lyfe of Ryley" unfolding that is anything but generic.

Today on TSB, we explore what lyfe is all about with Ryley Anstis!

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