Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ruling the World from Starbucks

Bill is a 33-year old Cape Bretoner who spends most of any working day at Starbucks.

He doesn't worry or stress about getting ready for work, picking out something to wear or fighting traffic on his way to the office.

Bill doesn't have an office to go to.

That's because, as he is proud to say, he doesn't have a job.

Instead, Bill spends the bulk of the 9-to-5 work day relaxing with a highly customized coffee beverage (which he lovingly calls the "Tuxedo") and swapping stories with java-sipping cronies.

He is no hurry to give up this lifestyle any time soon.

Why should he?

Bill also happens to own three houses, two duplexes, one apartment building and paid cash for a brand new Cadillac.

Along the way he has collected some valuable financial education, applying the lessons from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author, Robert Kiyosaki.

Not only has "Tuxedo Bill" embraced the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" philosophy, he has also deepened his financial education through the regular use of Kiyosaki's board game called "CASHFLOW".

Along the way, "Tuxedo Bill" followed a traditional educational path, earning a Masters degree before deciding that was no way for him to get rich. As he explains, "We go to school to learn to work hard for money, but studying guys like Kiyosaki makes more sense because he writes books and creates products that teach people how to have money work hard for them".

And that's how you get to rule your world from anywhere you like.

"Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They're both important and schools are forgetting one of them"



Lenny Boudreau said...

Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is among my top 3 best books! Anyone looking to start up as an entrepreneur needs to read this and the E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

Annie L. said...

Very interesting Gair - Thanks!