Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are You a Saver Soldier?

Tim believes our world today is being run through three intangibles.

1. Knowledge.
2. Personal networks.
3. Compassion.

And it's crucial to bring more to the table in all three categories, since we now live in an age where information is more important than seniority. Getting paid for what you actually know, not how long you’ve been hanging around or where you went to college.

Years ago, Tim's book, "Love is the Killer App", challenged how businesses could survive without new ideas, without connection skills and without compassion. He felt it used to be far too easy for a business to operate under the radar in remote, isolated areas where barracudas, sharks and piranhas could proliferate. Tim theorized the old economy, marked by surface caring that merely masked predatory intent, only served to make companies become havens for internal fear, loathing and self-preservation.

And that's why Tim Sanders continues to write and speak about a workplace of a different kind in his latest book ... "Saving the World at Work".

"Being less bad will not save the world . . . the only way that you can move beyond zero and make a positive difference is by influencing others"


ElderGEEK said...

Tim's Video is everything in this post Gair! GREEN is good for the bottom line, not bad. GREAT! post, thanks. I really like Tim's presentation. Any idea how he would have went about creating this video?

JLandry said...

The video was awesome!! One person can make a great difference. How cool is that!
Thanks Gair