Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crushing Old Media

"Booming economies, like the one that recently ended, keep all kinds of businesses afloat that should have sunk long ago"


Unless you are deadly SERIOUS about the business you're in, this post will mean nothing to you.




Unless you WANT to stare the future in the face, stop reading right now and invest the next 7:18 of your life in something you feel will be a better investment of your time.

And forget you ever heard the name Gary Vaynerchuk and his new book, "CRUSH IT"

Gary Vaynerchuk, host of WineLibraryTV, is a 32-year-old, in-your-face, New Yorker. He lives and dies with the NFL Jets, often making mention of that fact in the hundreds of daily wine-tasting television shows he has appeared in online.

Few pursuits are as full of intellectual and cultural snobs as the wine industry. It’s a haven for tight-ass aficionados who get off displaying their intimate knowledge about the finer things in life, giving them the cheap thrill of looking down their long snooty noses at cultural riff raff who wouldn’t know the difference between a Chablis and a Chardonnay.

The perfect arena for a controversial connoisseur to CRUSH IT.

Gary's show, with an audience of 80,000 a day, has vaulted Vaynerchuk into the international spotlight. Gary Vee has discovered there's more to using online video to sell wine - although it has helped a small family-owned store become a $60m-a-year enterprise. Calling himself "the social media sommelier", he says "I'd rather have a million friends right now than a million dollars. Your social equity is far greater than your financial equity."

And that's why he is NOT the least bit shy about sounding the death knell for lumbering media dinosaurs such as newspapers and magazines.

Unless, you think you might get a little misty-eyed and need to reach for a tissue while contemplating the demise of traditional media, the next 5:19 of Gary Vee will be a complete waste of your time.

The Web is fertile ground for those who can seamlessly transcend its reach from computer screens into the homes, minds, and hearts of the masses. Not only is he “Internet Famous,” Gary’s activities have flipped the pompous, stuffy wine industry on its head, opening the door to bring wine to the hearts, and palates, of everyday people. Gary not only broadcasts riveting, outrageous wine reviews daily, he adheres to the must-have elements for effective use of Social Media. Killer content and street cred earned through:







Some of Gary Vaynerchuk's OPINION'S about branding in the social media world may bother you.

But it’s HIGHLY doubtful he gives a rat’s ass.

Unless you can start CRUSHING IT.

“If you are a 32-year old guy that sleeps in the basement of your mom’s house, in order to boycott reality TV, you are a few videos away from being the king of those people and becoming a cult star! Embrace who YOU are and WORK hard at it!”

YOU ARE THE BRAND!!! You don’t need endorsements from people in your industry. Differentiate yourself! Don’t buy lists, make lists!

The problem is, these companies don't want to work. They'd much rather give an agency $100,000 to run ads in the New York Post, commercials, pizza boxes, direct mail, and Stern radio ads, and they're done, right? They're clowns, don't feel bad for them. Let them die!"



Anonymous said...

Nice post Gair. It's great how Gary really simplify's everything for social media. It's not rocket science. You just have to take action. Stop watching re-runs of Lost and CRUSH IT. A definite must read!


PS - You might get a kick out of this if you didn't see it

Gair Maxwell said...

Thanks for the feedback Chris ...and congrats on the Wine Library TV spot

Heather said...

Have loved Gary's energy/enthusiasm and POV for a while. Crush it is a great book. I break it out and read a few pages whenever I need some inspiration.

One of my favourite quotes from the early pages of the book: "It's never a bad time to start a business unless you're building a mediocre business."

I've got that in the back of my mind every day as I push myself to believe in my ability to freelance.

A few great links:
(From Web 2.0 expo in 2008 - a bit long but I love it.)
(His great Fan Page on Facebook)


Jamie Flinchbaugh said...

Great post, and thanks for sharing the videos.

I think the hardest barrier for people is that they do not "get it" but they are trying to "get it" by thinking it through. I was guilty of this. I think you just need to start. The nice thing about this, as opposed to other avenues of marketing and engaging your business overall, is that if you make a mistake it's really OK. Most mistakes (unless it's huge and you're Pepsi or something) are going to go unnoticed. So try it, learn, get better.