Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Don of Leadership

You might be forgiven for thinking "another day, another leadership book".

Understandable, in this day and age of information overload.

But, Don has taken this study to new heights with "High Altitude Leadership".

Imagine how different the study of leadership looks when viewed through the lens of "death zones" that exist on top of the world's tallest mountains. Bone-chilling and heart-stopping places where even the slightest mistakes are usually fatal.

Don could never have imagined it either.

After beginning his career as a scientist and engineer, he accepted an offer he couldn't refuse and became a management consultant after realizing most leadership and management theories fail to work. Drawing on alternative tactics such as anthropology and evolutionary genetics, Don's controversial approach to leadership flies in the face of what most of us have been taught.

Be prepared, however, for anything but easy, cut and paste, microwave solutions when you begin to absorb the depth of what Don Schmincke shares and the implications his theories hold for your business and brand.

Every day, companies struggle to vercome behavioural issues such as selfishness, arrogance, lone heroism, cowardice and comfort. Would it surprise you to know similar issues surface at the peaks of our planet's most dangerous mountains?

High Altitude Leadership is an unconventional, sometimes white-knuckle read that might have you start to lead in a different direction. It matters not whether you’re heading a Fortune 500 company, military forces, a small business, crime syndicate, government department, volunteer group, street gang or trying to raise your kids.


Because, the principles Don Schmincke shares from the study of more than 6,000 years of human behaviour won't change.

Are you prepared to invest the time to deconstruct the challenge of what it takes to be a top notch leader? Ready to embrace an approach that will have you re-examine your core beliefs about leaders and the teams they lead?

The choice is simple.

Graze in the crowded pastures of conventional leadership wisdom and the ordinary results that brings ...

Or dare to make an exhausting, exhilarating climb towards extraordinary, less traveled higher altitudes.

"I`d gotten to know quite a few mafiosi, and all of them told me they loved the picture because I had played the Godfather with dignity. Even today I can`t pay a check in Little Italy"