Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas @ the Office

The morning after the night before.

After the office Christmas Party.

Often, a day of reckoning.

Office Christmas parties can be a rich source of interesting and cringe-worthy stories. Typically, these festive get togethers with co-workers often serves as a venue for a number of plots and subplots, featuring a most interesting cast of characters.

And since we're on the subject, few office Christmas parties compare to the one thrown by R.I.M. in December of 2007. Imagine if you were working for the people who manufacture the Blackberry and getting invited to join more than 15,000 of your closest co-workers and friends for a holiday bash at the Air Canada Centre.

This is what they did for the encore.

Other "RIM Rocks" Christmas parties have featured Aerosmith and the Barenaked Ladies, creating a culture that helps keep the company among the Top 100 Places to Work in Canada.

As you might expect, "RIM Rocks" created a lot of buzz for the brand. says:
November 16, 2007 at 1:25 PM
"Big thanks to the RIM employee that was kind enough to invite me to this amazing concert. I used to call on RIM when they were only 35 employees. Looking all around me and up high at the sold out show of 15,000 plus, I realized this is the fruition of two people that dared to dream".

"RIM Rocks" is only the tip of another iceberg when it comes to explaining why a company would want to make that kind of effort to thank its employees.

How much of a company's culture is reflected by the way the office Christmas party goes down.

Just a thought.

"You come to the planet with nothing and you leave with nothing, so you'd better do some good while you are here"

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