Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buying Truth and Lies

Ever wonder how a slice of lime became an intrinsic part of the Corona experience?

Or how branding can impact your customers - both internal and external - on a neuroscientific level?

Perhaps, you have heard that half of any advertising budget is wasted, but you never know which half. Well, now you can, thanks to a Danish brand consultant, who took a brave and expensive leap to figure out why we buy — or don't.

TIME Magazine has named author/speaker Martin Lindstrom as one of the world's 100 most influential people, due to his work on science and marketing.

You are about to see why.

Martin founded his own advertising agency at the age of 12 and his rapid career rise has made him one of today's most respected branding gurus in the world. After twenty years of hands-on experience, Lindstrom has conceived a revolutionary set of principles that transform marketing strategies into positive business results. He rejects fuddy-duddy marketing rules that viewed branding as an art form composed of vague commercials and awareness messages. Instead, Martin's unique vision is scientific and process-based, making branding the driver of sales and profits, and consequently the centerpiece of any business.

What would be the impact of those principles on your brand?

"Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand"DAVID OGILVY


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