Friday, October 2, 2009

When Suzy Met Sally

It would be interesting to see how the authors of "The Soccer Mom Myth" would react to "Suzy Jenkins".

Michelle Miller and Holly Buchanan have made a persuasive case for helping marketers understand that women don't consider themselves part of any stereotypical group, like the aforementioned soccer moms. They contend that failure to speak to women on a personal level will doom a company's marketing plan or e-commerce website to disaster.

That being said, "Suzy Jenkins" is a character developed by comedian Sally Brooks who has used a certain female stereotype to lift her career from live stages to YouTube platforms. For those soccer moms who have ever driven a child to practice, secretly hoping it will get rained out or wishing that your kid’s team loses a playoff game so you won't have to schedule an out-of-town roadtrip, "Suzy Jenkins" is for you.

To better understand, what women really want, on-line and off in their marketing, look no further than Holly Buchanan's recent post on the vast difference in communication styles between GM and Toyota.

Just a hunch, but TSB thinks Michelle's and Holly's penchant for politically incorrect views, unladylike language and tequila stories will lead them to find a place in their hearts for "Suzy Jenkins".

"I think my Toyota minivan says I want to enjoy my kids and want them to be able to have friends. My husband and I have another sexy car, so when we go out at night we take the Beamer"

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Michele said...

Gair, if I saw Suzy and heard her rap, I'm sure I'd go right up and give her a big ol' hug. :-) That is a hilarious (and perfect) example of "what you see on the outside AIN"T what's going on inside." Great stuff.