Friday, October 23, 2009

Vocals Without Lyrics?

What if you were asked to compose a hit song, instantly familiar to millions but it came with a catch?

Under no circumstances could you use any lyrics, but you would still be required to employ a lead singer and background vocalists.

In other words, an instrumental won't cut it.

Could you pull it off?

Write a song with vocals, but without using any dictionary-recognized words?

Not a single noun, verb, adverb or adjective can be used in your composition.

Nothing in the way of descriptive metaphors, word pictures or phrases embedded with deep lyrical meaning.

That would negate any tune with subtle or overt political or social messages and definitely rules out the rallying arena-rock anthems about booze, babes and weekend bashes.

Could you do it?

When you stop to pause and contemplate, what we're asking for is like a lake without water.

Hockey with no puck.

Country music minus the heartache.

But, what would it say about the creative genius of someone who could pull it off?

"Sesame Street is best known for the creative geniuses it attracted, people like Jim Henson and Joe Raposo and Frank Oz, who intuitively grasped what it takes to get through to children. They were television's answer to Beatrix Potter or L. Frank Baum or Dr. Seuss."

p.s... special thanks to Monique of the new Cora's in Moncton, NB who supplied the rays of human sunshine that inspired today's post.

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