Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Portal For Your Thoughts

At the precise second you read this, you could become Alice, about to leap into a rabbit hole that leads to Wonderland.

Or you might feel like a latter-day Bruce Wayne, ready to dash from the office to the secret door and fireman's pole that descends to the Bat Cave.

A third option would be to imagine yourself as Neo, confronted by Morpheus and faced with a stark choice.

Will you choose the red pill and read further?

Your current position at this mental crossroad will be determined by the way you decipher an abstract concept through the 10,000 billion synaptic connections flowing through your brain space. But a lifetime of experiences inside traditional work environments compounded by factory models of education may leave you at a disadvantage.

In other words, will your neural pathways be sufficiently open to navigating the emotional barrier erected by two words.

Wizard Academy.

Well over 80% of any reading population will recoil at the thought of seriously exploring a non-traditional business school carrying such a cryptic and controversial handle. Only a minority will dare venture beyond their current box and follow a whisper of intuition, hinting of this unconventional and strangely exciting world.

You just never know who you will bump into at Wizard Academy.

One day, it might be the guy with a PhD who left a seven-figure lobbying job to follow his true passion for helping business people fling open doors to the corridors of power in Washington. Or you might wind up sitting for three days next to a classmate who just happens to be one of the most influential people in the world for setting the daily price of diamonds. Or it could be you cross paths with senior executives from perennial Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard, Kellogg's, Yahoo or others.

And perhaps one day you will wind up in a class taught by a Nobel Prize winner, NASA engineer or a million-selling author who make up just part of the eclectic faculty at a 30-acre campus located 20 minutes outside Austin, TX. For example, John Spoelstra, the man behind many blockbuster marketing campaigns in the NBA and NHL dropped by to teach a class last month and had a chance to describe the experience with Wizard of Ads blogmeister Dave Young.

The man you don't see on camera is Dave Young, the author of "Why We Blog" and his much anticipated next class at Wizard Academy is scheduled for late October. Another class to consider for your calendar is "Da Vinci and the 40 Answers", facilitated by Roy H. Williams and Mark Fox, (who knows a thing or two about space shuttles) and how some principles of rocket science can be applied to your business or brand.

Your business or brand will only ever grow and prosper relative to the size and scope of your imagination. And you will be hard-pressed to find a better place to give your imagination a blast and detonate real or perceived obstacles than Wizard Academy.

TSB first made the plunge in April of 2006, tumbling into a learning environment that allowed us to help clients and friends achieve substantial results in business and in life. Since then, the circle of Wizard Academy graduates from New Brunswick, Canada has steadily expanded with dozens or more making a 3,000 mile trek to Austin to get their world rocked. Some have even reported that learning what Alice in Wonderland, Batman and The Matrix share in common has allowed them to be much more creative when it comes to practicing the communication arts.

Granted, Wizard Academy is not for everyone.

It doesn't pretend to be.

But, it just might be the place for you.

"A portal is a transitionary device of sight or sound that functions as a sort of third gravitating body between the this and the that, pulling us toward itself, allowing us to bridge into the unknown from the known"


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Kevin said...

Good post, Gair. I hope to make the trek, one day soon.