Monday, October 5, 2009

Moncton Honest

There are few cities on this or any other planet, that can make the claim Moncton can.

Over the last decade, Moncton, New Brunswick has proven to be the most honest city in North America, according to a research project conducted by Reader's Digest.

Back in the 1990's RD staffers "lost" wallets all over the world - wallets that came with a name, local address and phone number and $50 in cash. Moncton was one of only three cities to score a perfect record - 10-for-10 - with the wallets returned, money intact. The legend only enhanced with the story of lawyer Michel Cyr standing in the City Hall lobby, telling his colleagues, "I want you all to witness this. There's $50 inside. I'm going to call the telephone number on the ID card." True to his word, Cyr made the call and refused to accept the $50 as a reward.

Moncton, New Brunswick .

A city where even the lawyers are honest.

But, the story is about to get even better with this weeks, first-ever Intelligent Communities Summit, unfolding today through Wednesday and featuring an impeccable roster of thought leaders weighing in on subjects that focus on the marriage between leading edge technology and economic development.

Hardly surprising to see Moncton emerging as a globally-recognized "smart" city, considering where this town has been ... and where it is heading.

Imagine what it does for a city and its brand when the rest of the world begins to discover a wired and fired source offering such a unique mix of innovation and integrity.

If you were to ask them, most people in the majority of cities around the world consider themselves to be honest, but repeated surveys tell a different story.

There is honest and then there is "Moncton Honest".

Is it any wonder why Moncton is considered such a "smart" place to do business?

"Hey, it's great to be here in Moncton. But when you're a guy like me, it's great to be anywhere"
KEITH RICHARDS, Magnetic Hill, NB, September 3, 2005

p.s... The City of Moncton passed the integrity test again with the recent Ford World Curling Championship as Czech Republic team skip Jiri Snitil lost his wallet upon arrival at the Greater Moncton International Airport. After checking in to the Nor-West Motel, Snit suddenly realized he had left his wallet on the dashboard of the Air Cab he had hailed. Inside the wallet was all of the team's Canadian cash, insurance documents, credit cards, but fortunately Jiri and his comrades were in Moncton. No one knew the name or number of the cab the team had used but hotel staff gave Air Cab a call and 15 minutes later, the wallet was on its way back with everything in it still there.

p.s.s. ... The Reader's Digest Survey pegged Moncton as the most honest place in North America, since no U.S. location returned all ten wallets. There were two Scandinavian cities that matched Moncton in the integrity department: Oslo, Norway and Odense, Denmark.

p.s.s.s. ... Thanks to the magic worked by visionaries such as Ian Fowler, it's easy to see how a "Bigger Bang" continues to reverberate through Moncton long after the Stones have rolled on.

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