Monday, October 26, 2009

Infection Detection

It would appear Dr. Emmett Y. Browne's "research" into the genetic properties of youth entrepreneurship has been validated.

The enigmatic rogue scientist from Cedar Crest, New Mexico challenged young Canadians and the business community with a fundamental question.

Is entrepreneurship in your genes?

That question, framed back in early September, helped launch a first-of-its kind national search for the "primary carriers" of the "YPreneurGene". This unique social media campaign (based on Dr. Browne's "research") saw and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) join forces to increase awareness of youth entrepreneurship through a contest where the eventual winner will be awarded their own franchise and much of what is needed to launch their own business.

It is evident from recent submissions, that an entrepreneurial pandemic may be spreading among the 18-34 crowd.


If you are locked into a dead end job, that offers zero hope of escaping the cubicle ranch, clicking this link may be hazardous to your mental health.

Some of what Lisa shares from her attic is of a most "disturbing" nature.

It is abundantly clear that Lisa paid attention to the essence of the "YPG" message, which first broke about six weeks ago with news of a "scientific "discovery" from a most unlikely and unexpected source. Luckily, TSB - acting on a tip - was on the scene to bring you the story first.

Aspiring entrepreneurs have one week remaining to visit, and submit a video of themselves explaining why they should be the winner. The big prize, estimated to be worth about $100,000, is a franchise, a Moncton, NB-based company that brings private home sellers and buyers together.

As part of the final selection process, stars of CBC Television's "Dragons' Den" will help select the winner of the franchise and supplementary prize package worth close to $100,000 at an event held in the CBC Broadcast Centre, November 13th in Toronto.

What will this week bring in terms of similar "infection detections"?

Can the Canadian economy benefit from this type of "disease"?

And what does Lisa's heartfelt "confession" tell you about the effect this type of viral marketing can have?

"We're really looking for the go-getters and the people who bounce out of bed in the morning who have a lot of passion for owning their own business"
KEN LeBLANC, President & CEO

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