Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes She Did!

She has been described as articulate, charismatic, and captivating.

Lately, she has been mesmerizing audiences all over North America, sharing specific details and experiences from a campaign like no other.

Against odds too numerous to count, she and her fellow volunteers used social media elements, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others to create a "perfect storm" of viral marketing that transformed an otherwise obscure politician to a worldwide brand known as "Obama".

What makes the story of Rahaf Harfoush even more remarkable is that she was a Canadian volunteer, unable to cast a vote in the last U.S. Presidential elections.

Celebrating her life long love affair with the written word, Harfoush has published "Yes We Did", a book about the grassroots groundswell inspired by the Obama campaign. She is also the Research Coordinator to the critically acclaimed Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything and will bring her social media message to a live audience at the first-ever Intelligent Communities Summit, being held next week in Moncton, NB.

A number of world-renowned panellists will be at the summit, demonstrating how businesses can leverage technology to carve their niche in the global economy; the role of universities can play as catalysts for innovation; and the way new technologies will assist private sector companies and communities to be more successful in a global economy. But, Rahaf's story serves as the proverbial proof in the pudding that the world has changed in a dramatic fashion and yours will too.

Are there lessons from the Obama campaign that could dramatically impact your business, career and brand?

Does it sound like the luncheon Rahaf is speaking at next Wednesday, just might be a cool place to be?

“Social media offers new opportunities to activate Brand Enthusiasm”
STACY DeBROFF, Founder and CEO of Mom Central

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