Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marketing to Soccer Moms

Is there a way to market to the typical middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs with her two school age children? We're talking about that overburdened kind of gal who drives a minivan as she ferries her kids and their friends around town, often putting the interests of her family ahead of her own.

Could there be an easy way to target these "soccer moms", considering they represent a hefty chunk of consumer buying power and are often key swing voters who decide elections?

If only you could sign up for the program that tells you "How to Market to Women" in three easy steps.

Regretfully, that program does not exist.

Not unless you want to alienate a significant portion of the population making 81% of the buying decisions on all products and services sold in North America.

Today on TSB, we focus on "The Soccer Mom Myth".

WARNING: Not your typical dry business book. Includes politically incorrect views, Unladylike language, and some tequila stories.

"Soccer Mom Myth" authors Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan have succeeded in pulling back the curtains for a realistic look at what women really want when it comes to the way they are sold. Michele is also the author of "The Natural Advantages of Women" (Wizard Academy Press), the audiobook that has been hailed for its scientific information on how the female brain is "hardwired" for personal greatness.

MRI's have proven women have four times as many neurons connecting the left and right side of the brain. As Michele recently explained at her Wonderbranding blog, while men concentrate on the spatial aspects of an object (right-brain dominant), women possess more ability to look at an object and link it to language (using both hemispheres of the brain at once).

It means she is linking the visual aspects of your retail store or office with actual words. In essence, she’s literally talking herself into – or out of – doing business with you. Have you checked your store or office on the “beauty meter” lately? What are her eyes – and her brain – telling her about you? Are you the Mona Lisa or Elvis-On-Velvet?

Michele and Holly have composed a marketing masterpiece of their own - and don't mind telling you more about "The Soccer Mom Myth".

- Approximately 80 cents of every consumer dollar is either directly spent or influenced by a woman.

- Women are responsible for more than 50% of all do-it-yourself purchases, 51% of consumer electronics, 89% of bank accounts, and 80% of health care.

- The rate of women-owned business startups is growing at three times the rate of other startups in the U.S.

NEWS FLASH: Women are much more complex than the generic term "soccer mom," and by focusing on that stereotype in your marketing campaigns you could be losing a lot of business.

If you follow the link to this video from Everclear, it might make you wonder if the band lifted a chapter from Michele and Holly's book as they answer a timeless question:

Where do all the porn stars go when the lights go down?

Is it true they become Volvo driving soccer moms?

"There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women"

Originally posted March 16, 2009

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