Monday, August 10, 2009

Story Theater

Walking into a hotel conference room, a veteran professional speaker is sitting a little too high on an intellectual horse of his own making.

Feeling like he is all that - and a bag of chips.

Ten years in the business, earning a living as a full-time speaker with thousands of rave reviews can do that to a guy. But, something from an e-mail promo is telling him something else needs to be learned about his chosen profession.

From someone else who does it for a living.


So the speaker jumps into his car one day and travels three hours to join about 30 of his peers, to listen to yet another so-called expert and see what he has to say. At first glance, Doug doesn't wow many people with his physical appearance.

Skinny guy. Funny looking glasses. Hair a little on the wild side.

Brad Pitt he is not.

Brimming with confidence as Doug's seminar begins, the speaker, takes his seat and before long is slowly engulfed under a tidal wave of humility. The insight from this communicator from Colorado Springs is washing over the room in Poseidon-like fashion. Within an hour, the speaker turned student, feels like he is drowning; starting to question whether he really knows his craft as well as he thinks he does.

It is eight months later.

And a humbled Canadian is still grateful for the lessons he has learned and keeps learning from a dude named Doug, who many in the world of professional speaking refer to as a "genius".

He is the Edison of elocution. The Einstein of extemporaneous speaking.

To the best of our knowledge, Doug has yet to split an atom or invent electricity but he has come up with a winning formula to help anyone turn a nag of an otherwise ho-hum presentation into a thoroughbred worthy of Triple Crown contention.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... TSB is honored to present, the author of "Story Theatre Method", based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado ... and a man who can take your speech to the Winners Circle ...

The incomparable, Doug Stevenson.

Thanks to the "Nine Steps of Story Structure" and application of "Story Theatre Method", Doug can show anyone how to make speaking magic with nothing more than a microphone. His approach turns the most mundane of subjects into captivating tales that can persuade and inspire any audience.

Without props, gimmicks or powerpoint.

Just a compelling story and a way for you to present it.

If the delivery of compelling presentations is part of what you do for a living, why not study from one of the very best in the business.

You - and your audience - will be grateful you did.

"Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood" WILLIAM PENN

Originally posted December 16, 2008

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