Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Motorvationally Speaking": The Next Looneyspoons?

Is Canada - and the world - ready for the next wave in healthy eating?

When Aurélie was first challenged by her parents to learn how to cook, neither would have dreamed she would step up to the crazy plate and go on to write, publish and promote her own healthy eating cookbook.

Aurélie is not only a dreamer.

She is a doer.

And still too young to get her driver's license.

15-year old Aurélie has carefully crafted more than 80 recipes that are both nutrish and delish, self-publishing her culinary masterpieces in "The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook". In some respects, she is already being compared to the award-winning Podleski sisters from Ontario, who self-published "Looneyspoons" before going on to Food Network fame and best-selling status as authors of "Eat, Shrink and Be Merry!"

Today on TSB, we profile a rising star in Canadian cooking, the author of "The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook" ... Aurélie Paré!

"Motorvationally Speaking", on CHCD TV, is a weekly, internet-based show focused on people who embrace the power of positive thinking. The guests may not always be famous, but they are always enlightening, and each one of them has an interesting story to tell. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as we aim to inspire, educate and motivate.

"Aurélie Paré's is a great model for the Y generation who, too often, rely on processed, ready-to-eat foods. Her creativity and practical way of thinking let us discover foods from here and more exotic places"
LOUISE DESAULNIERS, co-author of "The Part-Time Vegetarian"

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