Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Scott

The moment he walked by, I knew it had to be HIM.

After all, how many others could there be?

Especially when you are one of a kind.

I had stumbled across his story in cyberspace about 6 months previously and now, out of nowhere, here he was, staying at the same hotel, just walking by minding his own business.

Immediately and instinctively, I knew, I had to make an approach and get the scoop on Scott.

He is the ONLY person in the world who wears a nametag all day.

Every day.

Not just at conventions and seminars. A nametag ... 24/7/365!

This nametag thing began as an experiment in November of 2000 following a college orientation event. Scott was looking at piles of discarded name tags sitting in garbage cans after the event and decided right then and there to keep his on. As he shared with me that day, "Some people see trash, others see treasure".

Scott never thought it would lead to this ...

Scott has transformed wearing a nametag into a successful business and is the author of seven books including HELLO, my name is Scott, The Power of Approachability, How to be That Guy and Make a Name for Yourself. In 2008, Scott launched his Online Training Network,, an interactive learning community that teaches approachability through video modules, message boards and other tools. As one of the youngest members of National Speakers Association, Scott delivers keynote speeches and seminars to tens of thousands of people each year and has shared the stage with bestselling authors/speakers like Jeffrey Gitomer and Jim Collins and has worked with a client base that includes Boeing, Staples and Verizon Wireless.

Originally, Scott just wanted to have a little fun with the nametag gimmick, but before long it became much more. Before he knew it, Scott was on a quest to change the way people interact with one another. Scott thinks people have lost the ability for simple interaction (like greeting one another in a grocery lineup), and has discovered a way he can he make himself more approachable while teaching others to do the same.

Scott Ginsberg has no trouble stating a case, of which he is certain. In any form of human endeavour, in any profession or discipline, there is no substitute for DOING.

If you get a great idea, BEGIN.

In other words, don't wait until conditions are perfect. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly, since doing it badly allows you the opportunity to get better as you go along. Once Scott sensed there might be a seed of opportunity with a 24/7/365 nametage, he planted his feet in the soil of commitment, learning as he went, making mistakes, screwing up, before finding himself in a garden of growth and prosperity.

As of this posting, a 29-year old from St. Louis has been wearing a name tag for 3,186 consecutive days.

"There is no reason to think that age is a barrier. I mean, I read five books a week. I write five hours a day. I ask a lot of questions. I have got a bunch of mentors. I mean, I am a lifelong learner, and I think that there is lot of stuff you can do, especially the young entrepreneur can make the learning curve nonexistent". SCOTT GINSBERG

Evidently, Scott Ginsberg has taken "personal branding" to an entirely new level but, does his insight into the way we interact with each other reveal much more?

Is there a larger lesson that speaks to the way we can remove invisible barriers with the people we meet each day? Has a guy with nametag discovered how to drop the shackles of conformity that prevent us from discovering authenticity?

Like Scott, you have something unique to offer.

Your challenge is pinpointing it, doing it and leveraging it so you can:

#1. Utilize your gift
#2. Validate your existence
#3. Make a few bucks
#4. Change the world.

Here are some questions to help get you started.

What are you KNOWN for?
• What is the #1 COMPLIMENT people always give you?
• What can you speak FOREVER about at the drop of a hat?
• Every time you _____________, people stop, listen and say "WOW"!
• If you gave a speech to 500 people and an audience member up and asked, “So, what was your speech ABOUT?” you would say " _______________".

Difference-makers like Scott Ginsberg make choices each day to blend in or break out.

Today, that choice is yours.

"For what is a man? What has he got? If not himself - Then he has naught. The record shows, I took the blows. And did it my way" PAUL ANKA

Originally posted September 10, 2008

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