Friday, June 26, 2009

Rockin' the Maritimes

Maritime Canada is about to experience a summer of rock like never before.

It all starts tomorrow night at the Magnetic Hill concert site in Moncton, NB with Bon Jovi bringing the "Lost Highway" tour to eastern Canada.

In making their latest record, the New Jersey-based rockers proved they weren't afraid to take some chances with their sound and see where it would lead them.

Here is a sneak preview of what might be goin on tomorrow night in Moncton ...

The rest of the 2009 Maritime summer concert schedule looks like this:

July 4: Virgin Festival w/ Tragically Hip & The Offspring - Halifax, NS

July 10-12: Cavendish Beach Music Festival w/ Tim McGraw & Reba McEntire - Cavendish, PEI

July 11: Paul McCartney - Halifax, NS

July 18: KISS - Halifax, NS

August 2: Chickenfoot, Halifax, NS

August 6: AC/DC, Moncton, NB

Ever since the Stones rolled through the Maritimes in September of 2005, the concert market has expanded dramatically through Canada's smallest provinces. Aerosmith walked their way through Charlottetown and the Eagles successfully landed in Moncton causing promoters open their wallets and roll their tumbling dice on no fewer than a half-dozen major shows this summer.

Which show will be THE show of Maritime Canada's Summer of Rock?

"When we were starting off as kids, just the idea of maybe going to do this as a living instead of getting what we thought was going to be a boring job, was exciting"

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