Monday, May 4, 2009

Turning the Page

You are 23 years of age and have one of those dreams that makes you sit up straight in the middle of the night.

A dream so vivid, you nearly knock over the clock radio that reads 2:54 a.m., as you scramble to grab the nearby pen and begin writing in a fast and furious fashion.

Because, you know if you don't write it down, it's gone faster than a one night stand leaving your dorm in the morning.

As a Michigan boy once crooned, aint it funny how the night moves?

Especially when you dont seem to have as much to lose.

You don't fully comprehend it at the time, but this is the precise moment when your world has changed.


It is now 14 years later.

The self-made fortune that still flows from that middle-of-the-night dream is worth an estimated $12 billion dollars. You are the 6th richest person in the United States of America, have been on the cover of TIME Magazine and married your beloved at Richard Branson's private Caribbean hideaway in the British Virgin Islands.

Pinch yourself. Your name is Larry Page.

Along with your college buddy Sergey, you founded a company with a funny sounding name.


And you are sharing what you have learned about life and business with the graduating class from the University of Michigan, this past Saturday in Ann Arbor, MI.

NOTE: Google apologizes for the lack of sound between 0:43 and 2:28 - you’ll need to skip past that part. Search "News from Google" Click on the first link and find the entire text there at Google's Press Center.

Larry's fascination with computers started when he was a 6-year old. He was the first kid in his elementary school to turn in an assignment from a word processor. Intensely curious, Larry was the type of kid who liked to take apart everything in his house just to see how it worked. From the time he was 12, Larry knew that one day, he was going to start a company.

Today, graduating students from universities everywhere are being sent into a world facing unprecedented challenges. The headlines are everywhere: The economy is in the toilet. The auto industry is crumbling. Foreclosures are up. Job market is down.

Hopefully, more Larry's are graduating this spring.

As autumn closes in.

"Every now and then you'll nail one that's really, really special. And that's what you live for" BOB SEGER

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