Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mobile Branding

"This campaign allows us to let people learn a bit more about us as a company on a more emotional level, whilst showing how our products and services are always on hand to enable sharing"

You are in London.

Standing in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

And some stranger hands you a microphone.

So you can accompany PINK in a karaoke version of "Hey Jude".

This is what went down last Friday as T-Mobile looks to repeat the success of their Liverpool Street Station mob dance. They handed out 2000 microphones in Trafalgar Square for this giant sing-a-long, all part of the "Life is Sharing" campaign.

PINK herself described the experience this way on her website:

"Hey Everyone:

Last night I got the chance to do a massive karaoke sing-a-long in Trafalgar Square as part of T-Mobile’s new advert. You might remember their ‘Dance’ advert filmed at Liverpool Street station. Anyhow, this is going to be just as cool, if not cooler.

What a fantastic experience! Everyone singing along together in the middle of London – it was incredible! I was thrilled to be a part of such an amazing event, and to share it with so many people.


Earlier this year, T-Mobile planted ten hidden cameras at London's Liverpool Street Station with 350 dancers, disguised as commuters. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the video captured spontaneous reactions as the dance troupe performed their number.

"I'm not sure how I feel about the campaign as a whole.. but I was there.. waiting for a train! It was absolutely hilarious!! The music started up from no where then one guy started dancing in the middle of the room..then all of sudden I was in the middle of it! Some how I managed to start dancing with one of the pros shouting the moves to me.. I think the Ad's angle is 'Life is for Sharing' and I know it's a publicity thing... but it certainly made my day!" AMY FILMER 16/01/2009

T-Mobile is a group of mobile phone corporate subsidiaries (all under the ownership of Deutsche Telekom) that operate networks in Europe and the United States. The "T" stands for "Telekom." Globally, T-Mobile has 128.3 million subscribers, making it the world's eighth largest mobile phone service provider.

It’s rare when a commercial can make you feel good, and rarer still when the spot is generated by an otherwise faceless, impersonal conglomerate. T-Mobile has actually been able to use technology as a community enhancer which connects seamlessly to the whole idea behind the "Life is Sharing" campaign.

In much the same fashion as Barack Obama, the T-Mobile campaign looks to be a textbook example of emotional branding at the highest level.

What do customers know about your brand on an emotional level? How much are you willing to reveal?

Is there a genuine spirit about your brand you can share by using technology?

"In an emotional economy, success is judged by a profound and indelible connection with people through sensory experiences. If your brand doesn’t connect emotionally, you will have to rely on media or advertising hype, a short-term and risky proposition" MARC GOBE

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