Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Are The Web

Have you been listening lately to what is really being said amid the scuttlebutt on the social media sidelines?

"I can't be bothered with Facebook. I don't need the whole world know my life story".
"Twitter is such a waste of time. Who cares if and when I have a ham sandwich".

Listen long enough and you will pick up what's not being said.
Ask yourself this question:

Is ANY web application itself at fault for the way some people choose to apply it?

Are there not uses for Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps - when properly applied - that could enhance one's brand and/or career? Or ... are the apps themselves responsible for causing self-destructive, lemming-like behaviour?

Michael has another viewpoint.

One that brings clarity to the cacophony.

A professor from Kansas State University, his videos on culture, technology, education, and information have been viewed by millions, translated in over ten languages, and are frequently featured at international film festivals and major conferences worldwide. Looking at higher education as a whole, Professor Wesch argues we have had our “why’s,” “what’s” and “how’s” of teaching and learning turned upside down, and that the most compelling consequence of social media is that it has hurled us into a new “question-asking, bias-busting, assumption-exposing environment.”

It would appear in this video, Michael Wesch is challenging us to carefully weigh our options in terms of how we choose to participate in what happens in cyberspace each day.

"Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us." by Professor M. Wesch
Released on YouTube on January 31, 2007.
Viewed over 7 million times.

Listen closely.

Real close.

Here is the secret for successful brand-building in the 21st century.

Personal or business.

"It's NOT about the many ... it's about the ONE". JB GLOSSINGER Ph.D

Can you find three people who will trust, respect, listen to you and need what you have to offer? Will those three people be so wowed by what you've got they will convince another ten to twelve that THEY also need what you have? If THEY'RE truly SOLD, they'll each find you another dozen or so followers.

Before long you have a small tribe on your hands.

Keep repeating the process.

Your idea spreads.

Your brand grows as you no longer market to a crowd. You sell to your tribe.

It seems to be working for Demi.

And Seth.

In the hands of a skilled branding firestarter, correct use of web applications can create an inferno of opportunity for your business or career.

The apps themselves only spread the conversation like wildfire.

You still need to be the spark.

We are the web and the web is us.

“This is a social revolution, not a technological one, and its most revolutionary aspect may be the ways in which it empowers us to rethink education and the teacher-student relationship in an almost limitless variety of ways” MICHAEL WESCH


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Brain Diesel said...

Wow Gair, you outdid yourself on this one. I attended a session this morning on virtual networking using Twitter et al and sat in a room with a 15-20 people all chuckling at the ridiculous notions of Twitter, confused and yet still trying to figure how they will become part of it. Even the resistant will be assimilated. We are the Web.