Friday, April 24, 2009

In This Corner ... The Lanky Leisurologist!

In the beginning ... there was the Musicologist.

It was considered the original "official" title bestowed on someone who took more than a passing interest in their chosen hobby or interest. You know the type. The kind of person who could name the backing musicians on every Elvis recording made from his Sun record days in Memphis with Sam Phillips producing and guys like Scotty Moore picking the guitar and Bill Black slapping the bass.

As one might expect, the ologist floodgates opened. It wasn't long before you and I were being inundated by pseudo-intellectualism; flooded by a laundry list of social and pop culture experts, eager to cleanse our souls and brighten our minds with their peculiar knowledge and insight:


But, as you can imagine it's getting more and more difficult to separate pretenders from the contenders. After all, who can you really trust these days? Especially in the already overcrowded, bulging blogosphere with its cacophony of thoughts and opinions. Thankfully, you can be assured TSB has thoroughly verified the credentials and can vouch for the expertise behind this e-mail that tumbled into our inbox on March 24, 2009:


I've finally decided to jump into the ring and start swinging my thoughts and images around, so I've started a blog at I've only tossed out a few exploratory jabs to start, barely more than shadow boxing. Circumstance will dictate whether I post flailing roundhouses or more conservative rope-a-dopes in the future. I prefer flailing roundhouses.

Like you, I'm using the blog as a way to stimulate writing. I'm also using it to share images that aren't too happy to sit in the corner, waiting for the bell to ring. I'm not sure where I'll take the blog, or where the blog will take me, as it's still somewhat undefined. In contrast, I see The Seamless Brand blog as well defined. Having said that, I'm often pleasantly blind-sided by your posts.

In this corner, weighing 192 kilobytes....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN VARTYYYYYY!


Want an injection of creative writing that will leave you wondering, "How does he come up with that stuff"?

Look no further.

Ian Varty is like an IV of lexiconic illumination.

A paladin of brilliant prose and postings.

No he doesn't swivel his hips, ride to Ann Margaret's rescue or croon ballads that make young girls weep, but even the most exaggerated Elvis impersonator would be impressed by his unique musings and phrasings. He found his Graceland several family albums ago in Cambridge Narrows, NB and Ian's blog will help even a career hound dog like you carve a leisure path of your own; one that suits the skin you're in - with or without blue suede shoes.

Where else you gonna turn to learn about The Allure Of The Italian Tomato?

Or, why CBC Radio is Alone In A Lemon Ocean?

Don't let the fiercely pugilistic tones of his introductory note fool you.

Ian's not a fighter.

In no particular order, he is a husband, father, writer, friend, photographer - and for my money the best damn leisurologist in the business.

"I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line" ELVIS PRESLEY

p.s ... I have a feeling Ian would be amused with the way we bring the house down on this post with a commercial reflecting his own eclectic views ...

WARNING: Shameless Plug Incoming!
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The No Games Experience said...
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The No Games Experience said...

I've been enjoying the musings of both these guys for a while now.

Nice to be surprised and inspired by passionate people.

Thanks guys!