Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Motorvationally Speaking": Capital Networker

This charismatic native of Fredericton, NB is quickly emerging as one of Canada's top networkers.

Now based in Ottawa, Laura juggles family life with her role as Managing Director of the blossoming eWomenNetwork, which helps local business women turn interactions into transactions. She organizes and runs over 20 member events annually, obtaining sponsorship, attracting new members and more than anything - promoting the philosophy of ‘giving first’.

She is also a professional ski and snowboard instructor with an avalanche of passion for both the alpine and business slopes.

Today on TSB, we showcase international trade specialist and one of Canada's most energetic and adventurous networkers; the always plugged-in and very well-connected, Laura Booker:

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"The real rule of 'give and take' is that before you can take, you gotta give" JEFFREY GITOMER

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