Friday, March 27, 2009

Bobby Says He Is Sorry

Anyone can slip up.

Drop the ball.

Make a mistake.

For some, these errors in judgment become crosses of iron.

Burdens of regret, lugged around for a lifetime.

Bobby has been carrying his cross since the early 90's, and now feels he has to apologize for a record that peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts, selling eleven million copies. For a time, Bobby was on top of the world. His face adorned the covers of major magazines. He was in several Hollywood films and also enjoyed an 8-month relationship with Madonna. Describing his live shows, Bobby described them as, "High energy, stage diving, pyrotechnics, girls showing their breasts. It's crazy party atmosphere."

But, none of those accomplishments soothe the pain for Robert Van Winkle.

As fast as his fortunes climbed out of this world, his star came crashing back to earth even faster.

And now Bobby finds himself dealing with the regret of being defined by who you are and what you are all about, in such a way that becomes forged in public memory forever.

Does Bobby mean what he says?

Or is he putting one over on us?

Does the phrase "To err is human, to forgive is divine", capture this story of sorry in rhyme?

"They told me, we want you to wear these baggy pants because the young kids like it and it's all glittery and polished and everything, and I said, 'Fuck no, I'm not wearin' this gay-ass shit,' and they said, 'Well here's a million dollars, man, will you do it?' And I said, 'Fuck yes.' And anybody would have done the same thing if they were given the same chance" VANILLA ICE

p.s... More than 2 million YouTube viewers think Jim Carrey nailed Ice to a T.

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