Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Motorvationally Speaking" - There's No Life Like It

How many people do you know that would sign up for this?:

- Frequent deployments and re-locations.
- Lengthy family separations.
- Many emotional roller coasters
- Constant worry and anxiety.

It's not easy being a military family these days, which is what makes programs such as the Military Family Resource Centre such an integral part of what is required to support our troops at home and abroad.

For example, a returning Family Member, especially coming back from a combat zone, can experience significant change after being under constant threat of loss of life or injury. The family member may have witnessed injuries, deaths and destruction and may become preoccupied with their experience - either unable to talk about it or talk about it excessively. Meanwhile, the adult left at home may expect extra attention and credit regarding their performance while their partner was away. They also might expect the returning family member to automatically accept the family as it now exists and perform a role which they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with.

These are the types of issues that Beth Corey is more than familiar with as we profile the Executive Director of the Gagetown Military Family Resource Centre on this edition of "Motorvationally Speaking".

"As I watch Barack take that oath, I'll be thinking especially about those members of our American family who stand guard across the world and the loved ones who await their safe return. Because even as we mark this moment in American history, there still will be empty seats at the dinner table; there still will be spouses struggling to juggle roles and responsibilities; there still will be children who mark the passing of a birthday without Mommy and toddlers who know their father only by a grainy video stream from a far-flung corner of the globe. All of us can learn a fundamental lesson from our military families: You don't need to wear a uniform to serve your country. We all have something to contribute to the life of this nation"

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