Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And the Winner Is ...

Can a TV commercial, shot by a pair of unemployed brothers at a small town YMCA, be good enough to slay the offerings from big budget ad agencies shown during Super Bowl 43?

Evidently, the answer is yes.

Pittsburgh Steelers may have won the game, but Joe and Dave Herbert of Batesville, Indiana, are $1 million dollars richer after their ad, dubbed "Free Doritos", captured the coveted #1 spot on the USA TODAY 21st annual Super Bowl Ad Meter rankings.

The Herbert brothers, "Free Doritos!" spot was selected from nearly 2,000 user-generated entries. Joe and Dave are hoping the win will help them break into film making full-time.

Meanwhile, honorable mention for a Super Bowl 43 commercial has to be directed Troy Polamalu's way.

His Steelers not only came back to beat the Arizona Cardinals, but the Pro Bowl safety also drew rave reviews for a commercial that played off an iconic spot that "Mean" Joe Greene and Coca-Cola pulled off back in the Steel Curtain glory days of the 70's.

Here is what "Mean" Troy and the folks at Coke Zero came up with:

NOTE: The USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter tracks the second-by-second responses of a panel of viewers to ads during the national broadcast of the Super Bowl and ranks them favorite to least favorite. Created in 1989, USA TODAY's Ad Meter has been regarded as the most influential Super Bowl ad rating in the advertising industry.

While the Ad Meter has been linked to a number of hirings and firings in the advertising world, there is no discernible link between having the winning spot and increased sales.

"The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague" BILL COSBY


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