Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Posting Centennial

The Seamless Brand has reached a milestone.

Today marks the 100th consecutive business day there has been a posting for you to discover thought-provoking ideas about uncommonly remarkable people and seamless brands.

Hopefully, these postings have been of some value.

From where we sit, the value has been immeasurable.

This initial foray into the world of social media has provided us with insight we may not have otherwise gained with respect to the "Groundswell" and the digital forces that are changing the way we communicate and do business in the 21st Century.

For that, we are thankful to many, including:

- The "Morning Coach" JB Glossinger, who demonstrated to TSB readers why it's time to forget about selling to the many and start speaking to the one.

- Colorado school teacher Karl Fisch who showed the planet from a "Fischbowl" how Shift Happens in 4:55.

- The "Wizard of Ads" Roy H. Williams, who offered TSB readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the "inside story" behind the stunning re-branding success enjoyed by 2008 Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellence winner,

- Tyson Matheson and Janice Webster of WestJet who have provided TSB with key insight with respect to "seamless"branding and how to create an internal culture that drives external marketing efforts.

- The "Flirt Guru" Elizabeth Clark just for being her remarkable self.

- Social Media Mavens such as Andrew MacKinnon, Jason Falls, Amber MacArthur, Derek Hatchard and others too numerous to mention.

- Dan Martell of Spheric Technologies who was instrumental in getting this blog up and running in the first place. Could not do it without you brother!

- To the friendly and knowledgable staff in our TSB research department, otherwise known as Google, Wikipedia and YouTube.

And to the many faithful TSB readers like Darren Sears, Rick Nicholson, Ian Varty, Ken LeBlanc, Walter Melanson, Cheryl Karpen, Jeremy Demont, Debbie Allen, Steve MacDowall, Mike Shanks, Dave MacKenzie, Shannon Gavin, Marc Maurice, Pierre Martell, Kim George, Laura Booker, Eric Manning, Brenda Fair, Allan Power, Leanne Taylor, Steve Rae, Dale Betts, Don Schmincke, Kevin Donovan, Lynn Casey and hundreds of others all over the world that we have yet to meet in person, but hope we have positively impacted in some way. Many thanks to those who have forwarded these postings along to readers from as far away as Australia, Uruquay, Vietnam, Sweden, Nigeria, France, Spain and many other countries around the world. It would appear, Mr. "Purple Cow" himself, Seth Godin, was bang on about this "Tribes" thing.

TSB will be taking a short hiatus through the holiday season.

Time to re-charge the creative batteries.

We will also be reviewing feedback in terms of topics you would like to see covered, how this posting is formatted and how frequently we should be sending e-mail notifications of a new post (we've heard many views on this subject - some folks love getting a heads up in their inbox every day, others find it an intrusion ... ???).

We will resume our postings on each business day, when the rubber hits the runway for what promises to a wildly unpredictable year, bright and early on Monday, January 5, 2009. We may not be feeding the world or solving global warming with this blog, but hopefully, TSB has fed your imagination and energized your spirit in a way that makes your day a little bit brighter.

Until next time,


"Music is still above all else the thing that does it for me" BOB GELDOF

But wait ... that's not all!

It would appear TSB's friends at are counting the days!


Ken LeBlanc said...

Congrats on your 100th Gair!

Dave Waters said...

Congratulations on your 100th Posting Gair - From Bathurst NB (for the holidays) Looking forward to more inspiration and thoughts in 2009!


Ian said...


The blog has become part of my morning ritual and I've read all 100 postings. It's been a nice gift. Thank you.

Carl Fischer said...

Gair: When Susan and I met you at an Eagle Summit in Saint Andrews by the Sea this fall, we knew you were blessed with unique skills and abilities. Your blog has proven to contain a wealth of insight and information. You've set the bar pretty high, and I, for one, am inspired by your efforts. Keep soaring! Carl

Gair Maxwell said...

Thanks a bunch for all your kind words and warm wishes ... As the book closes on 2008, can't wait to see what next year brings and hopefully you're feeling the same way in your world today.

Happy New Year!

Stay safe.

And I'll be sure to drink to your health and the health of many others this evening!

Until January, 5th, 2009 ...